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Living Our Multi-Dimensional Potential

All Together Now... UNDULATE AS ONE

by guest blogger and Shamanic Minister, Judith Corvin-Blacburn

For those of you who have noticed and wondered where my blog has disappeared to, I would love to explain it simply is getting published in the higher dimensions and tell you what the link is, but alas best I can tell, that would be a lie, and I definitely don't know the link.  In 3D, I just backed off.  I had a multitude of reasons, the most important of which is that I wasn't feeling that multidimensional connection for a while, and had to get re-inspired.

Other reasons, should you be on the edge of your seat, include needing to refocus on and reenter the experience of my book EMPOWERING THE SPIRIT: A Process to Activate Our Soul's Potential. This is my book that came out the end of 2005 and which I'm now getting ready to publish on Kindle.  I had spent 2011 pretty much immersed in teaching and writing about multidimensionality, and now I am returning to my earlier writing that teaches many tools to release ourselves from ego and let our Spirits lead the way which moves us into our multidimensional potential and living on the New Earth.

And then there was the readers' stats (speaking of that ongoing practice of releasing oneself from ego).  Those of you who blog on blogspot know what I'm talking about:  the graphs which let you know how many people are really going to your blog and therefore probably reading it.  Stats can be addicting by the way, our egos crave the good ones, but I had pretty much released myself from that.  Still I would check.  It let me know if my blog readership was growing, and while my public followers were continuing to grow, I noticed some decline rather than growth for the blog as we moved into the new year.  I took that as a sign, released myself from almost-weekly blogging, and simultaneously incorporated watching multidimensional meditations on YouTube (mostly Suzanne Lie's) as part of my daily practice.  My intention was to reconnect multidimensionally at a deeper level, and it is working.

Now I'm meandering back to the blog, nudged of course by Spirit and an email or two from folks wondering if I was still going to be writing it.  Since I'm scheduled to teach about our Ascension into 5D and how to make that connection, which is our next evolutionary step, at a large gathering in May and a workshop in June, I've got to integrate this into my own life. Thankfully, I'm finally feeling like I've moved up a notch in comprehending or apprehending what this process really is and what it means.  So now it's time to share this with you, Brother/Sister Earthlings.  Perhaps this will begin a series on the experience of Ascension.

We know that the primary attributes of 5D are Unity Consciousness, Unconditional Love and Creativity.  We also know that every time we move into a higher dimension, we do so because we are able to alter our frequency by speeding up our cells and activating our light bodies.  But what does this really mean?  How does this begin to play out in our psyches? How does this play out in our emotional bodies?  How does this play out in our lives?  If I am ONE, am I still I??  Is the "I" still relevant?  And if not, can I release it?  And if I release it, is that not me doing this from the "I".  (which brings up a Yiddish aye yie aye... roughly translated of course.)  Can I be both?  Isn't that what multidimensionality really is... being all of it???

I've understood, little by little, that we are on a journey to being Collective, to quite literally becoming ONE.  And yet, we do have our individual expression at least at this stage in our evolution.   Suzanne Lie speaks of her experience merging with her 5D self in a star ship, which is a living, breathing entity in itself, and how her 5D self was both separate and part of a giant undulating consciousness that was guiding the ship which was also part of this consciousness.  Individuals on the ship had unique jobs to perform and yet they could also perform the jobs of all others because they were all the others.  I suppose that's like the particle/wave that underlies all matter;  the particle being our individual selves and the wave, our Oneness.  I've been trying to glean what this would feel like; trying to imagine myself as both separate and merged.

I woke up one morning with an "aha!".  We have been a part of that 5D undulating wave perhaps forever.  Jung called it the Collective Unconscious and the Collective Supraconscious.  We know that great inventions would show up all over the globe, in different parts of the world that had no communication with each other, pretty much in the same window of 3D time.  I've been writing and speaking a lot about how in the last 15 or 20 years, I had incorporated a heart meditation in my workshops which I thought was "original" but found out that there were numerous teachers around the world, teaching almost the exact same thing, done in almost the exact same way.  To me this meant that we were all hooked into the same source of information, but now I see that this happens because we are already part of a great undulating wave that holds all that is.

As we move into Unity Consciousness, it will feel totally normal to experience this undulating wave and perhaps it will begin to ultimately feel strange when we experience moments of individual awareness; moments of separateness.  Because wasn't that the great experiment on the planet -- to create 3D humans that could experience the separateness and eventually figure out how to get back to what has always been in our DNA, being One with that undulating wave?

Do you understand that you are me writing this blog, and I am you, reading this blog?  Can you allow yourself to experience fully that each of us holds everything within our consciousness and that everything in our consciousness contains all of us?

This is taught in every tradition on the planet, and has been for Millenniums.  The most holy prayer in Judaism, one that dates back at least 5000 years and that is supposed to be said upon waking each day, translates to "Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One." I was taught the watered-down interpretation in Sunday school -- that this was about the Jews believing in the one God, as opposed to having many deities.  Even as a child, I could never figure out what was so holy about that idea. Then many decades later, far removed from my Jewish roots, it came to me in a flash.  It is the most holy prayer because it tells us we are ONE.  The "Lord" is really the great unified undulating mass of Consciousness, not the One Guy in the sky.

I recently read a fascinating memoir of an Iranian woman and learned that all traditional Persian stories begin with the words "All is One, One is All."  The ancient Egyptians, the really ancient Egyptians, those that were star-seeded over 12,000 years ago, taught how to unify Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt within their own psyches as a way of becoming whole.  My friend and colleague, Linda Star Wolf frequently quotes one of her indigenous teachers, Wolf Clan Grandmother Twylah Nitsch who reminded her students often that this was about: "All for One and One for All."

We see this in nature -- swarms of bees are perhaps the most dramatic because they are small enough for us to see how they blend in with each other and they create this visual undulating pattern while floating through the air.  There are schools of fish and flocks of birds.  All separate and One at the same time.

So Sister/Brother Earthlings, what do you think of the blog we've all written today?  Stay tuned for the next wave, hopefully in the not to distant future.

Judith Corvin-Blackburn is a Licensed Certified Social Worker (LCSW), a Doctor of Shamanic Psycho-spiritual studies (PhD), author, teacher, and workshop presenter who has been in a private psychotherapy practice for over 30 years. She is the author of two books: Journey to Wholeness: A Guide to Inner Healing and Empowering the Spirit: A Guide for Living a Spiritually-Evolved Life published in 2005, and has presented spiritual development workshops around the country.  For more info on Judith check out her blog and website: 

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