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A message from Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing Breathwork

Dear Shamanic Soul Friends, We were delighted to award an honorary degree to Leonard Orr, creator of Rebirthing Breathwork, at our Venus Rising University graduation ceremony on November 27, 2011.  We hope you will enjoy this piece that Leonard recently wrote and shared with us. Thank you, Leonard, for being a guiding Light in the world!

The Feminine and the Masculine
By Leonard D. Orr

The feminine principle is the Infinite, Eternal Energy.
The masculine principle is the Mind - Thinking.
When the thought impregnates the energy, a child or reality is created.
Energy becomes what it thinks about.
The feminine is energy, infinite being, spirit, substance, or life source. The masculine is the rational faculty, thoughts, ideas, or inspirations.

The masculine moves the feminine into action, but the feminine supplies the power. The feminine is the passive power, the masculine is the active power. They work together and support each other. Both men and women have both of these principles inside of them. We each have to learn an appropriate balance.

The divine feminine is the space between our thoughts. It is this being that is sourcing and doing the thinking. But the energy doesn't do anything, until thought moves it. Energy is evenly distributed throughout time and space. Thought gives it shape and action. And it is this energy that gives substance to the reality created by thought. However, this Space between our thoughts is not nothing, It is the Presence, it is feeling Itself, the Source of all feelings. When our pure feeling is not colored by thoughts, it is all the Divine feelings of bliss, wisdom, love, peace, beauty, and all the goodness.

The basic function of the mind is to create, maintain, manage, and destroy what it has created, when the creation becomes obsolete or undesirable. The mind can make mistakes, the energy cannot. The energy is naked power, it always says yes. It always supplies the substance for whatever thoughts are chosen to be materialized. The mind is the most dangerous thing in the universe.

The universe is often thought of as the Divine Mother in action. It is the Feminine which maintains the reality of materialized form when the mind forgets about it. The name of this aspect of the mother is Maha Maya. All created reality can be uncreated. Theoretically, it is temporary. However, its duration is not necessarily determined by its level of intelligence. Stones for example, may endure longer than humans. Or we may ask, do stones have more intelligence than some people? Maha Maya is also refered to as the Divine Mother. Her Shakti supports the universe. Therefore, the Feminine is the Source and the Form. The masculine is only the mind- the in between. But this mediator directs the show, the mind decides what is to be created and destroyed.

Repetition and conscious reasoning is the creative process. Each repetition gathers more and more energy and each time it is thought, more thoughts are added to it until a structure of thought and energy is strong enough to materialize into form that stays there when we are no longer thinking about it. This is the nature of the creative process. These forms that energy created out of itself, infinite eternal energy, have a tendency to last forever until they are unthought. This is called karma, cause and effect. This is the ultimate science. And it appears that some created things can disappear through neglect. This may mean if we can hang out in the Space between our thoughts long enough, maybe all our problems might disappear. However, multiple deaths don't seem to be enough for our soul to lose its karma. We have to be conscious and responsible for what we have created. Obviously, it is best to stay conscious of what we are thinking all the time and thus keep life simple.

This is the victory and the problem of the soul. We tend to be stuck with our thoughts until we erase them or transform them. We have to live with our creations until we uncreate them. Each thought can create only in relation to every other thought that we have. Thoughts may conflict or neutralize each other until we harmonize and integrate all of our thinking. Then our mind and energy can work together in full power. Sometimes called concentration.
This is the job of meditation. We have to carefully evaluate and judge the value of each thought as it passes through our consciousness. We have to evaluate and choose. We have to be careful what we create. When we keep our thoughts in harmony with our divine nature - truth, love, simplicity, beauty, wisdom, joy, peace, harmony, creativity, self-control, patience, etc, sooner or later we will be the total masters of our personal reality. And the quality of life we have will be worth living forever.

The divine feminine and physical immortality.
Single women live longer than married women. Married men live longer than single men. This is just one of the practical results of the value of the divine feminine. But this simple statistic reveals something else. Conscious immortality comes from the purification of the mind. Menstruation in women is the basic purification method built into the human species. Menstruating young women keep the human race alive by purifying their energy and through love - conscious or unconscious love - process the negative energy of the people in their environment.
When they become conscious of this and develop a full consciousness of the idea of their energy body and how to keep it clean, it is easy for them to become immortal. The blood is the unity of earth, air, water, and fire. Menstruation is the symbol of the basic practices of spiritual purification with earth, air, water, and fire. When the human energy body is daily or frequently exposed to these practices, it can sustain the physical body in health and youthfulness forever.  Menstruation is a gift of the Divine Mother God to women for perpetual happiness, and women have 30 or more years to figure out its meaning. And when they discover that the practices with earth, air, water, and fire not only make them more healthy, energetic, intelligent, powerful, beautiful, and alive, but make menstruation easier, they can become more consciously divine.

Conscious fire purification with fasting and solitude can give women total power over their body shape. Maintaining the disciplines with earth, air, water, and fire makes women not only powerful and beautiful, but caused them to shine with the Divine Light. The presence and light and healing power of spiritually purified women is a blessing and inspiration to everyone who sees them and has the opportunity to be with them. Women who practice spiritual purification consciously as well as unconsciously through menstruation have a double power. Men are attracted to them like bees to honey, and other women like being around them also.

The feminine aspect of earth is that although we may actively choose what we eat, it is the feminine aspect that digests and makes use of this food and turns it back into Divine Energy from which is came. Exercise may also be active, but the results are largely determined by our somewhat passive Divine Energy.

When we are relaxing in the bathtub, the feminine quality of the water is doing all the work of purification.
Even when we are breathing, it is the Divine Energy that is doing all the work, without much help from the mind.
Fire also does the work when we are relaxing in its presence. The more feminine the mind becomes in the presence of the fire, the greater the results.

Therefore, spiritual purification is primarily a feminine work. We have to relax and receive and allow the elements to do most of the cleaning work that brings us back into the joy of life and our Divine Source and bliss. Earth, air, water, and fire are the eternal vehicles of grace and renewal and beauty. They are the physical qualities of the Divine Mother-Mother Nature.

While the mind is thinking fifty thousand thoughts per day, the Divine Mother in the body is thinking millions of thoughts every second to keep the body together and functioning successfully.
Therefore, the Source and the Universe may be primarily Feminine, and the mediator of these two realities is the Masculine Mind. The Masculine Mind may be the director and the actor, but the Feminine Energy is the Source, the Power, and the Sustainer of all of our realities.

We are the eternal interaction of the Mother - Father God.

 Om Namaha Shivaiya

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