Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shamanic Breathwork is powerful, profound and FAST!

Kelley Alexander is a Shamanic Breathwork™ Practioner and Co-Director of the Sanctuary at Sedona

Hello Lovely Friends and Spirit Family,

This year has been a particularly powerful cycle in my own spiritual journey and physical health.  I have been called to look at my spiritual practices and really refine them so to be in even greater alignment and congruence.  I have had to honestly assess how true I am to my word and my commitment to walking my talk. And through this challenging and often painful growth process I have had to make some changes and go even deeper into my own personal work.

As we all know and feel, we are in a time of accelerated acceleration. I wake up and literally feel like a new person everyday.  Doing my inner work and allowing for my transformation with as much ease and grace is no longer an "indulgence" but an absolute necessity. There is no time for me to "dilly dally" and not be the spiritual alchemist I came here to be. That which needs to be released needs to be released NOW so that I can step completely into my destiny, into my sacred purpose during this amazing time of change and re-birthing of ourselves and our planet.

One of the fastest ways for me to achieve this that I have experienced is through Shamanic Breathwork. It is powerful, profound and FAST.  It simultaneously cleanses and purifies while also nourishes and feeds the soul AND creates the space for your hopes, dreams and destiny to be birthed into being. 

The final weeklong Shamanic Breathwork Healing and Training Intensive at The Sanctuary is from September 9th-15th.  I really encourage any of you who are perhaps feeling a little stuck or at a crossroads in your life or spiritual practices to seriously consider this Intensive. OR if you are at the other end of the spiritual spectrum, and are bursting with Kundalini life force energy and are ready to CREATE, this is the week for you to EXPAND both within and without. In this Breathwork you will expore connecting with your Inner Beloved and connecting to your Sacred Purpose.

Now is the time to take the time for yourself. Now is the time to go deep within and heal anything that is standing between you and your dreams, or is keeping you feeling disconnected from Source energy, your soul's song, yourself and your beloved.  Now is the time to remember how important you are, your life is, and that this planet NEEDS you to step fully and embrace your sacred purpose.

Please go to the link below for more information about this week. I really hope to see you there. You deserve it!

To register, please call 828-631-2305.  For answers to specific questions about the workshop, please email Brad Collins at

Love to you all!

Ever since high school Kelley Alexander’s keen interest in esoteric, psychological and spiritual studies has evolved into becoming an integral part of her life today. In college she majored in world religions and studied psychology in graduate school. After extensive travel abroad, Kelley eventually went to law school, practicing intermittently for 10 years, in 3 states.  During this time Kelley became steeped in Jungian psychoanalysis and for over 8 years studied the paradigms of dreams, archetypes, and mythologies as a way to heal our psyches. While studying with a Peruvian Shaman on Lake Titicaca, Kelley set her intent to be open to the unknown and to the possibility that her life could be amazing, joyful and purposeful. She is a graduate of the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School and a practitioner of energy medicine.

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Donnawanna said...

I bought your books this week because I could not get to Arizona in September.
That was my best idea.
Suffice it to say that Shamanic Breathwork is powerful, profound and fast.
Suspended in oblivion, I am not yet aware of the terms of the agreement and my fated upheaval. As I wallow in complacency and the comforts of the womb, I become faintly aware that I can no longer float freely but in fact, I am bound by what once had sustained me and I cling to its puny offerings as it now subtly resists me. I am no stranger to the darkness, but the blackness that now envelops me, compels a sudden numbing dread.
Although the voices are barely audible, the urgency in which they are spoken is unmistakeable, like some ugly prelude to what has yet to come. The incessant drone of voiced opinions and practical advice crawls through my skin as if marching ants. I am repulsed by this unsettling sensation as I become acutely aware of the connection I have with my body and my mind.
I feel the blood race through me and send every fibre of my being, convulsing with fear as I struggle with the unrelenting resistance and my impending doom. What once had provided nourishment has now become some colossal force that assaults my body and sweeps down on me with great vengeance to expel me from this coveted space.
I know nothing of heroes and saviours but feel a most compelling need to fall to my knees and pray to the blackness that now consumes me, and without pride, I beg for mercy. I cling to that which repels me so defiantly. I curse answered prayers as I gather new strength to battle the breach that now looms before me. I labour with the intensity of monumental change which contorts my body and sends me reeling towards the blinding light.
Letting go becomes inevitable as I submit to this undeniable force and surrender to this evolution. A mournful wail transcends from the depths of my soul as I succumb to what lays before me. My liberation is fast approaching as I drink in the warmth that embraces me and I feel safe in the cradle of her arms.
Good Books
Love Donna

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