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Children at the Wise Wolf Councils this year!

Wise Wolf Councils Are Just Around the Corner 
April 28 - May 1 at Isis Cove, NC
Children welcome on Saturday - see details below 
Wise Wolf Council 2011The Wise Wolf Women's and Wise Wolf Men's Councils is in just a few weeks!  Join us at the beautiful Isis Cove Retreat Center in the magical Blue Mountains of western North Carolina for a weekend of ritual, visualization and celebration where women, men and children, meeting in separate councils, will plant the seeds of this new world and activate our visionary power to conceive it into being.
Pre-registration for this event is required!  
The Wise Wolf Councils are a give-away from Venus Rising and the many talented ritualists who come from all over the world to share their ceremonies.  There is a nominal land-use fee to cover our costs for renting big tents, port-o-lets, chairs, etc.  You can register for $65 for the whole weekend, or $20 per day if you can only join us for a day or two.  Click 
HERE to register on-line using pay pal or download your registration form and return it to us, along with a check for your land-use fee today!  We need to know ASAP how many people to expect so we can plan accordingly. 

Women dancing on the deck at Wise Wolf 2010Women's ceremonies this year include a Sacred Puja, Shamanic Breathwork™, Activating Our Multi-Dimensional Potential, Sacred Shamanic Theatre, Kirtan and Inspirational Music from our Shamanic Songstresses, Dancing with the Stars of Transformation, As Above: So Below - with Concrete Action, Intimacy Without Responsibility:  The Conscious Evolution of Love, Merging with the Cosmic Mother, a Womb Dance, Welcoming the Energies of Alignment & Oneness with Your Divine Essence, Shamanic Reiki, Great Southern Land (a ritual from Australia), the ever-favorite Croning Ceremony, Communing with the Stars and much, much more!

Croning Ceremony for Women 56 Years and Above
Amai gives a blessing at the Croning CeremonyWe will offer the Crone's Crowning again this year for women above the age of 56 years who wish to acknowledge and embrace their maturity, wisdom and grace as they enter their elderhood.   If you would like to be crowned in ceremony, please let us know by contacting Amai via e-mail at  You may wish to bring ritual clothing with you to wear for this occasion, although it is not required.    

Brad Collins leading the Wise Wolf Men into CeremonyMen's ceremonies this year include Qi Gong, Quieting the Mind/Focusing the Energy, a Plant Walk, Pura Samine, Aboriginal Story & Dance, Kundalini Yoga, Shadow Process, Shamanic Breathwork™, a West African Grief Ritual, Herbal Remedies for Men and much, much more.  The Men will be camping and holding their ceremonies on the newly cleared lot of the future Air Temple!

Tammy Stanage
Tammy Stanage & Bill Norton 
Co-Creating the Labyrinth:
  This year's Councils will culminate with the Women's and Men's Councils joining together in co-creating a sacred labyrinth as a ceremony of Sacred Union.  Isis Cove Community members, Bill Norton and Tammy Stanage, have generously offered part of their land to be used to create the sacred Labyrinth.  Thank you, Tammy and Bill! 
Please bring any special stones, shells, crystals or other sacred objects that you like to add to the labyrinth.
Mammy Wolf's grandchildren practice smudging
Mammy Wolf's grandsons demonstrate how to smudge

Children At Wise Wolf this Year!
A few amazing Shamanic souls have stepped forward to offer activities and hold space for the Wise Wolf Pups on Saturday this year.  Some of the proposed activities include hula hooping, a Medicine Walk, drumming, dancing, treasure hunts, making prayer flags, meeting the goats and chickens, learning about compost in the gardens and simply playing and having fun!  
If you intend to bring a child to Wise Wolf on Saturday, please pre-register ASAP so we can plan accordingly.  
Click HERE to register.   

There is a limited amount of lodging available at the Isis Retreat House. 
Call 828-631-2305 for more information. 

We are in need of a few more volunteers.  If you are able bodied and willing to trade your labor in exchange for a waiver of your land-use fees, please contact Diana Kenney at 828-507-1483 or email her at: to interview for a Volunteer position. Volunteers will assist with setting up prior to the councils, preparing the ritual spaces throughout the councils,  and putting everything away again at the end.

If you are interested in being a Vendor at the Wise Wolf Women's gathering, please click HERE to download your application and return it to us ASAP.  There is limited space in the Vendor's tent.

Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki  
prior to the Wise Wolf Councils with Barb "Magdalena" Westover
April 24 - 26 at Isis Cove
BarbBarb "Magdelena" Westover, co-creator with Linda Star Wolf of Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki, will be offering classes at Isis Cove just prior to the Wolf Councils this year.  Contact Barb to register or for more info:  call 503-407-4421 or  Click  HERE
to read more about Shamanic Breathwork™ Reiki.

We look forward to seeing many soul friends and making many new ones at the Wise Wolf Councils this year!  

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