Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Message on Healing the Past and Learning from the Future

From Linda Star Wolf and the Egyptian Neteru Nut and Horus

Nut, the ancient Egyptian Sky Goddess of Sacred Purpose, and Horus, the hawk-headed Young King, expander of consciousness, woke me up this morning before sunrise while Jupiter (aligned with Horus) was still very bright in the dark night sky.  I felt Nut’s shimmering presence emanating powerful downloads of information through my energy field.  She arched her beautiful indigo blue star body over me as I lay half asleep and half awake.  Nut and Horus conveyed their message to me through electrical energetic waves and currents that vibrated and filled both my mind and heart with many strong images and emotions.

Over the past year I’ve repeatedly heard the same inner message, “It is time to heal the past and learn from the future.”  I’ve spent the last 28 years focused on healing the past and moving toward a “bigger picture.”  I’ve done a ton of inner work personally and professionally.  I’ve concentrated on ridding myself of dysfunctional, addictive patterns and I have assisted others in finding their freedom from their inner demons.  I hold the belief that in some way we all have addictions which keep us from being who we really are.

The Shamanic Breathwork™ Process emerged from my own healing journey.  It has proved to be a very beneficial tool in helping people to heal the past.  Through the healing power of the breath, people are able to drop quickly into an altered state and, essentially, time travel back to all the situations through which they’ve experienced soul loss and taken on negative energies.  These negative energies have kept them stuck in the present as if the past was still their reality. 

Until we let go of our attachment to our pain body we will continue to spin round and round the same old pattern and not much progress will be made.  Dedication and willingness to let go of the past and move forward on the spiral path must be cultivated daily.  Through letting go of old outworn patterns that no longer serve us, we energetically free up the space in our psyches so that learning from the future can happen in our lives. 

Many people talk about releasing their past programming.  It is time to give equal attention to our future programming.  This future programming is held within our DNA and can be even more powerful than our past programming, once we surrender our ego agenda and open to our true soul purpose.  This is not an easy task; the human ego can be so afraid of dying that it can even make a preemptive strike and take its own life so as to not feel the intense feelings involved during transformation.  This is not a judgment but an observation of how, as the old saying goes, we can sometimes “cut off our nose to spite our face.”

The Shamanic Breathwork Process accelerates the transformation of consciousness by raising one’s awareness of past, present and future realities.  It reaches deep within the psyche to resolve hidden conflicts and unfinished business from the past, whether rooted in this lifetime or another.  Simultaneously, the breathwork journey moves us beyond the limits of the “little self” that likes to play old re-runs of our past as if it is still our present.  This is the narcissistic part of our ego mind that automatically defaults back to its old wounds.  When we begin to wake up and realize that our egos are unconsciously addicted to pain and suffering the opportunity opens for our future self to download into the present. The future self is very real; it is an imaginal self that exists just as much as the past self but has yet to come into the fullness of our experience.  When we begin to actively feel its pull within us it is already moving into our present life.  In other words, it is a part of our unfolding self that is eager and ready to be born into the world and needs our conscious cooperation in order to birth in wisdom instead of learning through woe. 

Suffering is very real on our planet.  There is genuine pain happening all around us in war-torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, the suffering caused by deforestation, oil spills and other ecological disasters, or the millions of people who no longer have food or homes due to earthquakes, floods, wars and famine.  However, for those of us fortunate not to experience these external disasters, much of what we suffer is self imposed from our ego attachments.  Many years ago I was taught that we have two choices:  we can focus on the problem or become a part of the solution.  While I do not advocate staying in denial or spiritual by-pass by ignoring problems, I also know that reliving the past over and over is a self-defeating pattern and can become an addiction.

The world around us is a reflection of our inner state of being.  The old story lines of pain and suffering are part of the old era; as we collectively move into the new aeon we need to open to the “new story” – a much bigger picture and vision for our future.  This is an evolutionary shift that has been predicted by religious, spiritual and shamanic traditions for thousands of years.  We are all a part of the world’s challenges and opportunities for transformation.  As we shift our own consciousness away from addiction and into planetary service, we are healing the world. 

The Earth and all its beings are calling out to the heart of humanity to heal and open to a bigger reality.  This is not a time for staying asleep but for awakening and taking creative action in our lives.  The past is about addiction; the future is about embodying love and sacred purpose.

My personal spiritual commitment is to continue to rid myself of the immaturity and selfishness that blocks my soul’s true purpose.  I don’t believe in accidents; I believe in divine appointment.  My hope, my prayer and my faith is that we will all awaken from our deep slumber before it is too late.  It is time to not only imagine a new Earth but to create it.  We must each find the love in our hearts that will inspire and motivate us to fulfill our unique role in helping to reshape reality.  We begin by taking responsibility for changing ourselves and opening the portals so as to birth higher love and wisdom on Earth as it is in Heaven.  It is time for humanity to shape shift into its future self NOW!

With Love,
All My Relations,
Star Wolf                                             
Linda Star Wolf, Founding Director of:
Venus Rising University
Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts
Shamanic Ministers Global Network
The Shamanic Breathwork ™ Process:
Co Founder of Isis Cove Community and Retreat Center in western North Carolina
Author of:
Shamanic Breathwork: Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Self  by Linda Star Wolf
Shamanic Egyptian Astrology:  Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods, co-written with Ruby Falconer
Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt:  Awakening the Healing Power of the Heart, co-written with Nicki Scully
The Anubis Oracle:  A Journey Into the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt co-written with Nicky Scully
and 30 Shamanic Questions for Humanity:  From Ego Agenda to Soul Purpose, by Linda Star Wolf


Sophia said...

It has been a quite profound experience for me healing a past I didn't know existed until I healed myself little by little until I was strong enough to hold the past consciously. Bringing the unconscious to consciousness allowed my body to release it's toxins and created healing on many levels. The Shamanic Breathwork Process has been key to allowing my own inner healer's voice of expertise on the level and the speed of re-covering many soul pieces from past, present and future.

Venus Rising said...

Dear Star Wolf,
This is really happening in my life now. Reaching out into the future to find my new self.I feel like I am doing everything in my power to change and become the Man I want to be in the world. The past has informed me and given me experience but I really need the downloads from the future to come into my life.
Love you SW keep holding the Vision..

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