Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have You Heard Your Wake Up Call Yet?

We are not here on this Sacred Earth by accident so we all must be here On Purpose!  NOW is the time we must each birth the "New Human Being" that we signed up to become in this lifetime.

The Spirit of the Wolf is calling to ALL of us to wake up! Everything around us in our outer world is pleading with us to do whatever we must do in order to drop the barriers from our hearts and to open to our creative life force and collective spirits. The green forest filled with many living creatures, the four leggeds, the winged ones, the ones that swim in the mighty oceans and all of life is calling out to the human realm to "wake up and to grow up" and take our place as co creators on this planet.   This is the exact time our soul's contract was made for.  Apparently the universe had the faith in us to be able to hear our wake up call and undergo the profound transformations that we each would be required to make in order to shapeshift our world and ourselves.

NOW is the time we must each birth the "New Human Being" that we signed up to become in this lifetime. This is our highest calling and the most sacred purpose we can hope to embody at this time even though our outer roles may look quite different from anyone else's. Please don't drop into confusion by comparing yourself with what is uniquely yours to do with someone else's path.

In some ways we are all "Alone Together."  We are all in the same boat but no one can tell us what our own individual part is. This is an auspicious time foretold by many spiritual traditions, even in the stars themselves.  We have the grand opportunity to usher in a "golden age."  An age when we can reach the tipping point within our civilization and either crash and burn or rise to the occasion.  Much like the mythological Phoenix, we can rise up from the ashes of our own destruction and fly to greater heights, basing our actions on sustainable principles such as truth, love, peace, wisdom, forgiveness, dignity, integrity, trust and understanding.

Nietzsche said, "One must have chaos inside of oneself in order to birth a dancing star."  The chaos that we are witnessing in the outer world is giving each of us an opportunity to heal our inner chaos so that we may truly become the dancing stars we were meant to be as the new Aeon approaches.  Will the new Aeon arrive and find the people of this world still fast asleep ignoring the signs of change that are clearly calling out to us for our very survival and, even more importantly, for our spiritual evolution to a higher level of consciousness on earth.  It is time for the human race to take our rightful place and alignment with our older brothers and sisters from the Animal, Plant and Mineral Kingdoms. Folks just in case you haven't realized it yet, we already live on "Pandora" (the mythological planet in the movie Avatar).  We don't have to go anywhere; we are already home on this beautiful, sustainable, perfectly designed planet. We are already connected to EWYA the Great Powerful Tree of life, the One Source and to everything else.  Avatar is a powerful metaphor for what we already have here and where we are headed if we can open our hearts, minds, bodies and spirits to the inevitable shifts that are happening all around us. We can either participate in our transformation or not. Change will happen without our approval or participation. The choice belongs to each of us.

I have heard the call; I am answering the call in my life each and every day.  I am doing everything within my personal power, asking help from all of my guides, totems and helpers to help me wake up as quickly as I can and do my part to assist as a spiritual midwife for others on this planet as a Shamanic Minister.  I have a great love for humanity, for the earth and all her creatures. I love deeply Brad, our children and our four grandsons. I also have a great love for our soul friends, animal companions, plants and wildlife here where we live in the magical blue mountains of western NC and all across our planet. I am committed to be a change agent. This is a personal invitation to join me in becoming who it is you really are on the planet and remembering what you came here to do and to be. A thin veil of illusion separates us from the answers we are earnestly seeking.  They are only a breath away.

In Loving Service to the One Source,
Linda Star Wolf

Linda Star Wolf and her husband Brad Collins live and dream of becoming a "real human being in harmonious relationship with all our relations" at Isis Cove Retreat Center in the Magical Blue Mountains of Western NC.  To learn more about Shamanic Breathwork Transformation & Training Programs& the Shamanic Ministers Global Network contact them at

Photo of Star Wolf provided by Pat Sheewho, aka ~Eyeka~


Terrie said...

Thanks Star Wolf for your words and energy behind them. I woke up started my process of healing and transformation in Jan. 2007 with Petee and Wendyne at Solutions. Petee introduced me to poems by Hafiz and reading your blog reminds me of his poem - "Now Is The Time". It is a poem that I hold on to and often read through this journey of mine. There has bee chaos in my life as long as I can remember inside and out. My way of coping is to run - get away. I even went to the other side of the world for a period of time. When I began my work I decided to stop running and look fear and shame right in the face. There is a great fortress with walls 10 feet thick and 20 feet high between me and the answers I seek. I have been chipping away and chipping away to connect to my soul and my soul’s purpose. And the journey continues.
Thanks for doing your part and being a teacher for others.
Terrie Hui

Star Wolf said...

You are most welcome, Terrie! I am so happy you found Petee and Wendyne at Solutions, they are truly awesome. Chaos is part of change when it is pointed in the right direction and you sound like you are on the right path for yourself! Yes, no more running! The time is now to be who it is we really are. I honor you on your journey. You are always welcome here at Isis Cove. Thank you for doing your part as well. Your path is a model for others at this time.
In love, Star Wolf

Terrie said...

Thanks Star Wolf! Knowing there are others doing their part does make it easier. And the work is hard, very hard....

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I believe we will all be remembered by future generations for the choices we make during this time of huge evolutionary change. In the words of the wonderful poem, “Summer Day,” by Mary Oliver, “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

In Love, In Service, In Gratitude,
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Feb 2nd 2009