Friday, May 28, 2010

TAG - You are IT!

"I wonder if you know how important it is for each of us to awaken and to remember who we truly are and to do our part?  This is it! The Universe has said, "TAG - YOU ARE IT!"

No one can do your part for you. Not the president, the government, or anyone in an outer authority position. This is what Jesus meant when he said “the Father and I are One.”  The time for waiting to be good enough or smart enough or for someone else to do what is ours to do is over.  When this inner awareness dawns upon us it can be both exhilarating and frightening. Use both the excitement and the fear to move you through your blockages and keep breathing. I will meet you on the other side! We are here by divine appointment and the tribes are gathering as we remember that the power to heal our world and ourselves has always been right here inside of each of us. 

My sincere prayer is that anyone who is feeling the shamanic stirring within will take the action that is needed during this time and not put off any longer doing what you feel called to do. I know that for me nothing is more important than to make the changes that I know are mine to make. I make a commitment each day of my life to keep walking through the fires of transformation and to assist those who are ready and sincere to walk through them with me. 

When you are ready I am here, let me know and we will dance in the flames together, breathing our way into a whole new life.

Are you Ready? I am!
In Love and Gratitude,
Keep Breathing,
Star Wolf

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Fires of Transformation Are Still Burning at Isis Cove

The soul fires are burning brightly within the hearts of all the residents and recent visitors to Isis Cove. The Wise Wolf Councils this year were the best ever!  The sacred union ceremony that always takes place (when the men come over the mountain to join the women in a symbolic ritual) took place at the new Fire Temple donated and created by our dear friend, Sacred Flame, over on Dove Mountain. The gifted Fire Walk Teacher, HeatherAsh and her steadfast assistant and fire tender, Ryan Hallas, facilitated this year’s ritual. 110 incredible fiery Wise Wolf shamanic souls walked, danced and leapt across the fires of transformation together howling in joyful celebration under a perfect starlit night in the magical blue Smokey Mountains at Isis Cove North Carolina!
(pictures provided by Pat Shewho)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Star Wolf and Brad in New York City!

Star Wolf will be featured at Book Expo America, the biggest book trade show in the world, on Wed and Thurs this week!
Book signing and guided journey at East West Living on Wednesday, May 26, 7 - 9 pm. 

Brad and Star Wolf are presenting Shamanic Breathwork at ACA Gallery in Chelsea from 6 - 8 pm on Thursday, May 27,

For more info on all their events, click HERE.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


"Bless the fire through which we walk"

Trial by fire is the most difficult manner to go about learning, and all encounter this ordeal sooner or later. To someone whose path may already present many difficulties, this grueling test could appear random, without purpose. However torturous the challenge becomes, eventually the flames will subside. One must wait patiently, maintaining a stillness within, while the embers cool. When the heat has dissipated one may reach gingerly into the still warm cinders, which represent what is left of the old life, and gently close the hand around what has been found.  Blow off the fine ash and examine what has been salvaged after the inferno. In the intense heat the dross had burned off, and no polluting base metals remain to dull its glimmer. The purifying radiance has tempered and fine-tunes the spirit, causing it to resonate in mellow tones. From the ashes emerges a winged spirit of pure gold. ~ Anonymous

Come Walk the Fires of Transformation at the Wise Wolf Councils, May 13 - 16 at Isis Cove

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ocean Swimmer, a Poem Dedicated to Gulf Oil Spill, by Anna Cariad-Barrett, member of Isis Cove Soul Family

Ocean Swimmer

Blood of my body,
waves begin to speak.
Womb of life primordial,
journey to the deep.

Raped in the name of progress,
addicted to your pain,
shadow permeates the surface,
obliterates your name.

We find ourselves at the center,
in the toxic core of choice,
in the heartbeat of our disregard,
will we listen to your voice?

World transforming, dervish whirling,
what we’ve sown is reaped.
Cyclone dancer, chaos swirling,
people in the street.

Changing woman, rainbow woman,
finds perfection in the pattern.
From the arm of the starfish,
to death’s renewing matter.

I share my heart with the fishes,
dead sea turtles on the shore.
Schooled swimmers, now are scattered,
gasping breaths, are nevermore.

From the constellation of my soul,
I share these cleansing tears.
Luminous jewels lost in the ocean,
would, that we all, be made clear.

Ocean Swimmer © Copyright Anna Cariad-Barrett, 2010. | Storytelling, Artwork & Guided Journeys for Personal and Planetary Wholeness

In late April 2010, a massive oil spill erupted in the Gulf of Mexico. It's flow continues to be felt throughout the ocean ecosystem, impacting all the life forms connected to it. As people, we stand in witness of our choices and their consequences. Our society is in the throes of an addiction to oil that does not support life. Let us choose this moment to face the reality of our choices.  It is my sincerest hope that the devastation of this oil spill will be the wake-up call that many need, so that we may move forward in responsibility. That we may walk in beauty, once again.
Anna Cariad-Barrett, MS ORDM      612-708-9481

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Register now for "Shakti & the Shaman" at the Sedona Spring Conference

Register NOW for "Shakti and the Shaman" a Shamanic Breathwork™ Journey with Linda Star Wolf and Brad Collins at the Sedona Spring Conference, next weekend, May 7 - 9, 2010.

Sexuality is an important part of the human experience. Anyone who desires a healthier relationship with their sexuality is invited to attend the conference. This year the conference is being held at the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa, located at 2250 West Hwy 89A in West Sedona, AZ 86336, home to Deepak Chopra’s annual spring workshop.

Raise and harness your Shakti Energy with Shamanic Breathwork™ and learn to direct it with responsible action in the world.  This two-hour experiential workshop features a powerful Shamanic Breathwork™ journey to specially selected trance music designed to move through the chakras, activate your Shakti, fully awaken your Shaman Within and assist you in finding your true place and sacred purpose within our global tribe and in the world.

This is just one of many offerings at this conference.   Click HERE to read more about the conference and to register.

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Star Wolf's Welcome

My journey in life has been a spiral path of wholeness that continues to move through cycles of change taking me through many symbolic death and rebirth experiences, which I refer to as “shamanic portals of transformation.” I have learned more than I ever thought possible through a process I will share with you in my future writings, called the Shamanic Breathwork™ process, and the five initiations process called S.H.I.P. Once I have made sense of the lessons on my path and discovered the bigger picture, I am ready to pass on and share both my stumblings and my leaps along the way. In my own spiritual quest, I have always appreciated most those who shared their struggles and victories in an authentic way. That will be my humble attempt within the context of this blog.

I believe that we are all indigenous to this earth. I respect all my relations, whether they be human, animal, plant, mineral, visible or invisible ones. We are all related by the great web of life and sent here from the great beyond. Everything we say and do touches all parts of this magnificent web of creation. If I treat myself or anyone else unfairly, we are all affected in some way. Fortunately, the converse is true, as well. I am not perfect. If I am honest and have humility, I can admit that I will make mistakes as I seek to further evolve my conscious awareness. I can also make living amends by striving to change my negative thoughts and behaviors, and live from a more open-hearted connection to others and to myself. I have learned over time that all the changes I seek in the outer world must begin by looking within myself first. I have also learned that it is imperative that I have the courage to be honest with myself and to look at the “shadow” side of my personality. When I have had the courage to truly know myself better, the light and the dark, I have found the inner strength to change my life and shape-shift myself into the light of my true soul’s image.

From time to time I will share different programs and events that are being offered through my non profit organization (Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts) in my blog, as well as photos, videos and teachings, etc. But the main purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet to share the inner musings of my shamanic spirit and journey, and to hear yours as well. I look forward to connecting with all of you who intuitively know that you, too, are a valuable part of the shamanic process of conscious co-creation and evolution on the planet at this time. We each have a role to play and a soul purpose in the drama unfolding in our world today. Together we can create a better place for all beings on earth to live and leave a powerful legacy for those who are yet to come.

I believe we will all be remembered by future generations for the choices we make during this time of huge evolutionary change. In the words of the wonderful poem, “Summer Day,” by Mary Oliver, “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

In Love, In Service, In Gratitude,
Star Wolf
Feb 2nd 2009