Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Spirit of the Fire at Isis Cove / Dove Mountain

As many of you already know, a wildfire broke out on Dove Mountain while one of the contractors  was burning some brush on a lot that he was beginning to clear for construction. He was doing all the right things by burning the brush in a 20'x20' trench with a helper.  He had acquired the proper burning permit, as well.  When the fire broke out the fire department was called and they sent several trucks very quickly. When they thought they had it under control with only a few small fire spots smoldering they all left, except one small truck with about 6 guys who said, "This is over and we are just going to clean up and mop things up."  The wind started to blow and the sparks hit some more dry brush across the road, right below the Medicine Wheel.  The fire took off like a runaway train up the gulch. Within a matter of minutes the flames were totally out of control and Windraven's house was gone. Thank God/Goddess that Windraven was not at home but, her poor kitty was in the house. The house is totally gone and Windraven will be staying with us in one of our buildings, probably a room in the Isis Cove Retreat Center.   All of us will do whatever is needed to support Windraven. 

It is nothing short of a miracle that the fire did not spread any further than it did. The fire fighters were amazing and kind to all of us. Many of our friends who live nearby in the community came out and stood with us for several hours by Bradley Branch road, which  leads up to Isis Cove from where we were all evacuated.  As we all stood there holding each other, consoling each other, praying, crying, and even laughing, we realized just how fortunate we were to have each other.  Several of us looked deeply into each others eyes for long stretches of time and said "We are all going to be alright."

I spent the whole night holding vigil down by the road mainly by myself, even though the owner of the Starlight Hotel gave us some rooms to pile into near by.  I just couldn't sleep.  I could feel Grandma Twylah prodding me to stay alert, keep my ears and eyes pricked open and to embody the Wolf Spirit who could talk to the Fire Spirit. I went into a hyper-arousal, altered state of consciousness as I sat and chanted a song to the fire for a long time.  Over and over I asked it to take what it had taken and to stop, to burn out!  There were several times I spotted a flame and looking directly at it, I shouted, "STOP!"   I swear it appeared to quickly stop burning and go out, much quicker than other flames of the same kind that I was not focusing on near by. I could feel a quickening in my body and I knew that there were many prayers flooding in through the email.

At one point, I got down on my knees with my face to the earth and prayed to the earth mother.  Mighty Isis appeared in my minds eye.  I could envision her enfolding the cove in her wings and stirring up the rains as the fire burned around the cove.  That is a lot of what has now happened. The fire miraculously burned its way around the three sacred sites,  the Earth Medicine Wheel,  the Fire Portal Circle, and right past the Blue Star Spirit Deck. Incredibly, it also spared Deb and Steve Irestone's new cabin which had only recently been placed on that same hillside.  The fire raged right past it.

The spirit of fire was a powerful lesson and one we will not soon forget.  I am sure it's larger purpose will unfold in our lives in many ways over the weeks and months to come for each of us who live at Isis Cove and others who are affiliated with all of  us in a deeper way.

In love, grace and gratitude,
Star Wolf

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