Monday, April 19, 2010

Fire Temple Blessed by Orbs

Guest Contributor:  Laura Wolf
Picture by Chuck Willhide

As many of you have heard, we had a tremendous fire recently at Dove Mountain / Isis Cove.  The fire here has been an incredible initiation for all of us at Isis Cove, and particularly for Windraven, who completely lost her home to the fire.  I will post some of Star Wolf's writings about that night and about the ways we are working together as a community to support Windraven.  Today we received this incredible picture from Chuck Willhide, one of our Isis Cove Community members.  He took this amazing picture that shows thousands of glowing orbs that were gathered with us when we initiated and activated our Fire Temple a few nights prior to the Dove Mountain fire.  We are astounded by all of the beautiful colors and sizes of the Orbs, as though they are gathering to bless the Fire Temple with us.

As a community, we have all been processing what this fire means to each of us, to Isis Cove, and it's greater message.  We are talking about the power of Fire to ignite, to transform, to heal, to create, to destroy, to wake up, to cook, to burn, to celebrate, to let go.  We are talking about balance and consciousness.   We are doing ceremony on the land and thanking Spirit for all that the Fire spared and all that it is teaching us.  Many of us and I'm sure many of you are feeling the fires heating up on the planet at this time.  The volcano in Iceland may be another expression of the firey planetary energies at play.  I have been ignited by our Fire at Isis Cove.  It has helped me to get crystal clear about what is truly important and that is only Love and getting on with what I came here to do.  There's no time to waste and every breath I take is precious.

The both/and of being human for me this week is that I tend to want to sink back into Water after a big Fire.  I am getting to practice cultivating balance between all of my elements - to stay willing to embrace the Fires transformation by keeping my commitments to myself and my creativity, without going into workaholism and burn out.  I get to practice resting when I'm tired and nourishish myself, but not totally checking out and floating away.  I get to practice grounding my energy and staying in my body when the Fires get intense, or simply chopping wood and carrying water when I want to run away to a beach or escape into the dreamtime.  And the hardest part for me, I get to invite in Air, celebration, playfullness - and not take myself so darn seriously all the time.  Whew!  I, for one, am incredibly grateful to this Fire for what it is teaching me and awakening in me.  Blessed Be!

Laura Wolf, Shamanic Minister, Shamanic Breathwork™Facilitator, and Creatrix of Shamanic Shakti Yoga at Venus Rising


Kmcdonald said...

This photo is so awe inspiring and your post as well , I am just discovering your website and just began reading "Shamanic Breathwork" and have immediately felt a connection and am in tears right now after reading your blog here and seeing this picture , Thank you for your work , my spirit and soul feel already better just knowing you all are out there. I keep thinking oh my Mom would have loved you so so much , and perhaps she is who led me to you , perhaps she is one of those orbs in this photo . Thank you so so much , much love to you all and I hope to be able to connect with you personally soon.

Star Wolf said...

Dear Kmcdonald - Thank you so much for sharing your heart-felt response to Shamanic Breathwork and the orbs and the connection you are feeling to you mother. Star Wolf is currently on the road in Sedona and Tucson and will be in NY in May. What part of the world are you in? I hope you can meet Star Wolf in person sometime this year - she is traveling a LOT. Please feel free to email us directly if you have any questions about our programs and Star Wolf's tour schedule. Many blessings, Laura Wolf, Assistant to Linda Star Wolf

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