Monday, October 26, 2009

Sharing a SHIP ritual

Guest Contribution: Master Herbalist Lloyd Rojewski shares his final SHIP ritual.

Lloyd will be offering a lecture and workshop on Herbalism at The Center in Sylva and at Isis Cove on October 30 & 31.

Click HERE to read more about the workshop.

This is last ritual of our final SHIP meeting. This is the ritual that marks the moment that this SHIP, our SHIP is ended. After this, our SHIP shifts from active process to cherished memory. At this time, let us remember that the Wheel of the Year has turned from Summer to Fall. Virgo has given way to Libra, Sacred Vision yielding to Sacred Balance and Harmony, life walking in Beauty.

Nature begins Her preparation for Winter. Flowers pass to berries, fruit and seeds. The hope, the faith of the plants in their trust that those seeds so lovingly, so tenaciously produced by them will be cared for is absolute.

Roots grow deeper, griping the Earth tighter than before. The life force, that so vigorously expended itself producing branches, stems and leaves, now withdraws into roots and rhizomes, to abide until Spring. Chlorophyll is withdrawn from leaves, causing them first to change into all the brilliant colors of Nature’s palette, then are released to fall to Earth, beginning the transformation into Spring’s humus.

Fall flowers bloom and Fall fruit ripens. Animals begin the search for Winter shelter. Transitory birds begin the flight to southern climes. Chipmunks and squirrels, accidental tree farmers, furiously seek out nuts and seeds, stashing them away against Winter famine – then forgetting where they buried them. The Day Force of Spring continues to yield to the growing Night Force.

The Oak King prepares for his ritual combat with the Holly King. The Earth begins to cool. We would do well to pay attention to the instruction of Nature in this season of change. A different set of skills becomes necessary now. Let us not forget though, Fall is more than mere preparation for Winter, a between-time, but a season in its own right. We fortify the creations of Spring and Summer now.

Our attention is drawn inward and down, just as is the tree’s sap. Our very taste in food changes. The wind practices becoming fierce. Summer visions give way to Fall musings. We enjoy the remaining sunny days of Fall, interwoven with forays of cloud legions in the sky. These bright days become more and more precious to us.

Annuals furiously produce seeds and then die, making room for the next generation. Perennials stretch sleepy limbs to the weakening sun.

So, let us honor the inner quiet, the strengthening darkness that gathers within us. Let us cherish this precious, remaining time together before the frenzy of departure sweeps us away from each other for the last time. Our memories of SHIP become the memories of Winter past, bright Spring and now, Fall completion. Let us carry these memories into our Winter dreaming, dreaming the world forward. It has been an honor, a wonderful journey with each of you. I love you all.

Lloyd Rojewski

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