Monday, October 26, 2009

Sharing a SHIP ritual

Guest Contribution: Master Herbalist Lloyd Rojewski shares his final SHIP ritual.

Lloyd will be offering a lecture and workshop on Herbalism at The Center in Sylva and at Isis Cove on October 30 & 31.

Click HERE to read more about the workshop.

This is last ritual of our final SHIP meeting. This is the ritual that marks the moment that this SHIP, our SHIP is ended. After this, our SHIP shifts from active process to cherished memory. At this time, let us remember that the Wheel of the Year has turned from Summer to Fall. Virgo has given way to Libra, Sacred Vision yielding to Sacred Balance and Harmony, life walking in Beauty.

Nature begins Her preparation for Winter. Flowers pass to berries, fruit and seeds. The hope, the faith of the plants in their trust that those seeds so lovingly, so tenaciously produced by them will be cared for is absolute.

Roots grow deeper, griping the Earth tighter than before. The life force, that so vigorously expended itself producing branches, stems and leaves, now withdraws into roots and rhizomes, to abide until Spring. Chlorophyll is withdrawn from leaves, causing them first to change into all the brilliant colors of Nature’s palette, then are released to fall to Earth, beginning the transformation into Spring’s humus.

Fall flowers bloom and Fall fruit ripens. Animals begin the search for Winter shelter. Transitory birds begin the flight to southern climes. Chipmunks and squirrels, accidental tree farmers, furiously seek out nuts and seeds, stashing them away against Winter famine – then forgetting where they buried them. The Day Force of Spring continues to yield to the growing Night Force.

The Oak King prepares for his ritual combat with the Holly King. The Earth begins to cool. We would do well to pay attention to the instruction of Nature in this season of change. A different set of skills becomes necessary now. Let us not forget though, Fall is more than mere preparation for Winter, a between-time, but a season in its own right. We fortify the creations of Spring and Summer now.

Our attention is drawn inward and down, just as is the tree’s sap. Our very taste in food changes. The wind practices becoming fierce. Summer visions give way to Fall musings. We enjoy the remaining sunny days of Fall, interwoven with forays of cloud legions in the sky. These bright days become more and more precious to us.

Annuals furiously produce seeds and then die, making room for the next generation. Perennials stretch sleepy limbs to the weakening sun.

So, let us honor the inner quiet, the strengthening darkness that gathers within us. Let us cherish this precious, remaining time together before the frenzy of departure sweeps us away from each other for the last time. Our memories of SHIP become the memories of Winter past, bright Spring and now, Fall completion. Let us carry these memories into our Winter dreaming, dreaming the world forward. It has been an honor, a wonderful journey with each of you. I love you all.

Lloyd Rojewski

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Too much nervous energy

Guest Contributor, Alyson
Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Breathwork™ Apprentice
in response to a SHIPmate reaching out for support:

Change comes with pain, anxiety, and fear. We hold onto old ideas not because they are comfortable, but because they are familiar. Adopting a new idea is taking a leap of faith. Am I gonna be ok on the other side of this? The work we do in SHIP creates major change in all of us; sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but it will happen. One time I left SHIP, I felt alright, a little irritated, but that's normal. I got home. A week or so later I FLIPPED. I fell into my rage-aholism pretty bad. I was full of suspicion and fear. I basically regressed into an angry teenager. What I've learned about myself when I behave like that is that I am guarding myself, or so I think. I'm holding on to an old idea. I'm resistant to move, slamming on my spiritual brakes, try to make the change NOT happen. Well, guess what? The alchemy is in process the moment we make the contract to sit in our shamanic circle. Its good though. What you are doing right now may just be a bit of squeamishness as you go through a portal. Just breathe, my sister. Feel us with you and just breathe. Cry if you have to. Relax, let go and trust the process. You are loved, supported and held deep in the hearts of your SHIPmates, even when you are kicking and screaming a little bit. Speaking of kicking and screaming, you might find it super helpful to do a Shamanic Breathwork™ at this time. It may just get you on through the birth canal and into the moment of WHOOSH!
Loving you,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seek Ye First

"That which is impentrable to us really exists. Behind the secrets of nature remains something subtle, intangible, and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that can comprehend is my religion" Albert Einstein

Miracles happen every day.........and this is my religion as well. Seek ye first the Kingdom or Queendom of God/Goddess and the rest will be added to our lives. This is how I have lived my life, this is how I have been able to do what I have done. This is how Venus Rising was created, how Shamanic Breathwork™ was created, how Isis Cove was created and how the next phase of all that I am called to do will be created. Sometimes it is not easy to take a leap of faith and see the bigger story that is trying to birth itself in our lives through the imaginal cells. I want you each to know that I believe in you and know you can break through skepticism and limitations.

Love and Blessings to all of you in your new Ka Bodies as you stretch beyond your present comfort zones. Remember to set the boundary with Sobek (the Old Masculine and the One Who Tries to Keep Us Safe) so that he cannot limit your view or steal your beautiful dreams.
Fly High and see the bigger story and what lies behind all of creation. May we all have the wisdom of the Great Grandmother Neith, the great Spider Goddess who creates over and over again from her spiritual essence and reminds us that what we truly need lives inside of each of us.

In Love and In Service to the One Source,
Star Wolf

Friday, October 16, 2009

24 October 2009 International Day of Climate Action

On October 24, join millions of people across the globe in the most widespread day of environmental action in history, attending over 2,000 simultaneous events in more than 170 countries. The international day of action is being organized by the young, grassroots campaign to urge world leaders to support a clear solution to the climate crisis: reducing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million.

To read more about how you can participate by starting or joining an action near you, click on this link:

A Close Encounter with Isis

My Shamanic Breathwork™ Journey - A Close Encounter with Isis
by Linda Star Wolf
I found myself upon a precipice overlooking the four directions of the earth - the desert, the mountains, the oceans, the forest, the high plateaus and plains. No matter where I looked, I saw massive destruction of the land and everything upon it: the people, the animals, plant life, the earth itself. I looked down and seeing my lion paws I realized I was in my lioness form that I think of as the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. I could feel Sekhmet's familiar power and strength within my own body and spirit but when I looked out upon the world through her great eyes, I suddenly felt very small, helpless and despaired. At first I allowed the rage to burst forth as I thrashed about and tried to stop the ravaging of the planet. I searched the rivers and streams endlessly trying to find just one fish to eat that didn't have mercury poisoning in it. I witnessed whole majestic mountaintops being dynamited and blasted apart for their coal and other minerals. I cried huge tears as the great trees were burned, or chopped down and the rest of the rain forest was clear-cut, leaving only desolation upon the land. The whole world was in utter chaos. Fear, apathy, bitterness and greed ran rampant in the hearts of all the people everywhere.

I felt myself losing control as I raged, frothing at the mouth, tearing things up as I whirled in pain and confusion. I fought, I roared, I slashed out wildly with my mighty claws. I ran in all directions trying to stop the killing, stop the destruction, and all to no avail. I felt so discouraged, as if my life and everything I had done on my spiritual path to avert the destruction of the planet and human kind had all been for naught. I fell to the ground in a hopeless slump and curled up weeping, silently preparing to just die.

At the moment when I finally felt that I had completely given up, realizing that all I had ever done or could do would never be enough to prevent or stop the suffering and insanity of this world, I felt myself being lifted up as tears ran down my lioness cheeks. Very slowly I noticed that I was being held in the arms of some great being or force and I was afraid. I could not imagine what could have the strength to hold me, my anger, my fear, my despair. When I found the courage and the willingness to raise my head, I found myself looking into the face of the most beautiful Goddess I have even seen.

To read about Star Wolf's encounter with Isis, please click HERE

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

South East Women's Herbal Conference 2009

Star Wolf teaching and preparing a wonderful group of women at the SEWHC in Black Mountain, NC for their Shamanic Breathwork™ Journey.

Thank you all for showing up as
Planetary Healers at this time.
We are the Ones we have been waiting for!
In loving Service to the One,
Star Wolf

Friday, October 9, 2009

Too much nervous energy

Guest Contribution from Laura Wolf
Shamanic Minister and Isis Cove Community Member

Dear One,
Thank you for reaching out to share your journey with us and asking for support. That is so important as we go through these changes. And thank you to all of your awesome SHIP Mates who have been sending out the love. Everyone's suggestions are helping me, too. I've been on quite a journey with my anxiety over the last couple of years. Before starting SHIP I never would have said I was an anxious person. I thought I had hypo-glycemia (self-diagnosed, of course) and whenever I felt racy inside and couldn't think straight I ate some protein and carbs until I felt better. My anxiety went through the roof a couple of years ago - just as I was completing my first SHIP, going through a break up, and getting ready to start Apprentice SHIP. I felt extremely anxious all day, every day and I couldn't control it with food anymore. No matter how healthy or how much I ate, the anxiety would not go away. I was really scared there was something seriously wrong with me. I went to the doc, got tested for everything, and they couldn't find anything wrong with my blood sugar, my thyroid, or anything else for that matter. I had to face the fact that I had been medicating my internal chaos with food for 15 years and it wasn't working anymore. The more conscious I become, the more painful my addictions become until I have to face and embrace them and start working a program around them so that I can get to the other side. Believe me, I have tried a million ways to eat, breathe, meditate, relax, and do yoga to calm my anxiety. All of those tools help me in a daily way to stay centered and healthy. When I don't take care of myself daily, I get anxious real fast. But I'll tell you what - once I've entered the anxiety zone there's only two things I've found that really work. The first one is to surrender. The sooner I say, "God/Goddess, I am powerless over my anxiety. I can't make it go away. I believe a power far greater than my little ego is living and working within me every moment and that that power can heal me. I need your help. I surrender. I turn my anxiety, my life, and my will over to you," - the sooner the relief comes. The other thing that really helps me is to FEEL whatever it is that I don't want to FEEL that is causing the anxiety in the first place - grief, sadness, fear, terror, anger, etc. A good cry does me a world of good and releases all of that pent up energy and frees me to be present again. The sooner I become willing to feel my feelings, the sooner I feel different, and usually much better.

This process of transformation can be pretty frightening to our egos. Our egos feel like we're going to die, which, of course, we are in a symbolic way - dying to what no longer serves us. So our egos do everything they can think of to get us to stop, turn back, don't change. Our souls, on the other hand, know that we are called to transform into a greater experience of our power, our passion, and our purpose. Thank you for reaching out and helping me remember to surrender and feel.

Love and blessings,

Laura Wolf

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Star Wolf's Welcome

My journey in life has been a spiral path of wholeness that continues to move through cycles of change taking me through many symbolic death and rebirth experiences, which I refer to as “shamanic portals of transformation.” I have learned more than I ever thought possible through a process I will share with you in my future writings, called the Shamanic Breathwork™ process, and the five initiations process called S.H.I.P. Once I have made sense of the lessons on my path and discovered the bigger picture, I am ready to pass on and share both my stumblings and my leaps along the way. In my own spiritual quest, I have always appreciated most those who shared their struggles and victories in an authentic way. That will be my humble attempt within the context of this blog.

I believe that we are all indigenous to this earth. I respect all my relations, whether they be human, animal, plant, mineral, visible or invisible ones. We are all related by the great web of life and sent here from the great beyond. Everything we say and do touches all parts of this magnificent web of creation. If I treat myself or anyone else unfairly, we are all affected in some way. Fortunately, the converse is true, as well. I am not perfect. If I am honest and have humility, I can admit that I will make mistakes as I seek to further evolve my conscious awareness. I can also make living amends by striving to change my negative thoughts and behaviors, and live from a more open-hearted connection to others and to myself. I have learned over time that all the changes I seek in the outer world must begin by looking within myself first. I have also learned that it is imperative that I have the courage to be honest with myself and to look at the “shadow” side of my personality. When I have had the courage to truly know myself better, the light and the dark, I have found the inner strength to change my life and shape-shift myself into the light of my true soul’s image.

From time to time I will share different programs and events that are being offered through my non profit organization (Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts) in my blog, as well as photos, videos and teachings, etc. But the main purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet to share the inner musings of my shamanic spirit and journey, and to hear yours as well. I look forward to connecting with all of you who intuitively know that you, too, are a valuable part of the shamanic process of conscious co-creation and evolution on the planet at this time. We each have a role to play and a soul purpose in the drama unfolding in our world today. Together we can create a better place for all beings on earth to live and leave a powerful legacy for those who are yet to come.

I believe we will all be remembered by future generations for the choices we make during this time of huge evolutionary change. In the words of the wonderful poem, “Summer Day,” by Mary Oliver, “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

In Love, In Service, In Gratitude,
Star Wolf
Feb 2nd 2009