Friday, February 6, 2009

Message from Grandmother Spider (Neith)

“I open to the divine flow of the universe and receive all that comes to me with ease, grace and gratitude. “ This has been my own very special spirit mantra over the course of the last couple of months, one that I have repeated many times each day and has created many amazing changes in my life, relationships, community and work. It came to me as a result of doing some deep spiritual release work and also a surprise visit from an 8 legged friend in the middle of the night. I am aware it was also divine timing that allowed these powerful words to embed themselves into my heart, mind and soul “ there is no such thing as time and… timing is everything”.
I have known for a long time that I am one heck of a manifester and that anything I put my mind to and work diligently towards I can create. I fearlessly and courageously tackle whatever calls to me from my inner voice, with a “Yes, I/We Can” attitude that would even impress Obama.
The place in consciousness that I have not been fully aware of, is the place of creating from Source! Don’t misunderstand me, I always seek my higher power’s will for what ever I bring into manifestation, but I often forget to allow the flow of the universe take charge. My modus operandi, is to get the download from spirit and then take charge and make it happen, which was all good and fine when I was a younger soul, of 30, 40 and heck even 50. However as I approached my 56th birthday, I found I needed to reconsider some of my assumptions and attitudes about how things need to get done and seeker a gentler way.
Right after the Wise Wolf Women’s Council, in April of last year, I realized I had a serious spider bite, and became quite ill with a high fever, nausea, chills, and a large red welt about the size of a grapefruit in the shape of an odd shaped heart on my inner left thigh. It was encircled and outlined with a thin white line, which the Internet said often indicated a black widow spider bite. Interestingly enough I had a dream the night before I discovered the bite about a beautiful spider with bright black shiny eyes, who told me that in Ancient Egypt she was called Neith and that she was the original creator, the One Source of the universe. She explained to me that everything in creation came from within her magical body and she birthed creation with almost no effort. She opened her womb and out poured this magnificent web of creation, which she spun into a cohesive web and then promptly laid back in her web as if it were a big cosmic hammock in the sky and dreamed what ever she desired, would soon enter into her web. She showed me how she easily captured her food and thumped off any offending or undesirable materials, such as bad tasting bugs from her web with a flick of one of her legs and how the rain would form droplets that ran like a gentle river along the strands of her masterfully built web into her open and thirsty spider mouth. If the weather became too tumultuous, she simply pulled the strands back into her belly and sauntered off to a safer bush or cave and rolled out her beautiful web of plenty once again. I must say Neith was a real inspiration to me and although she was somewhat of an intimidating presence at first in my dream I was certainly drawn to her wisdom teachings and very grateful and honored that she chose me to share them with.
So you can imagine my surprise to find that I had most likely been bitten the very night she had entered into my dream. Neith’s message hit or should I say bit me hard and I have been paying attention to her wisdom ever since her visit. Since that time, I have had an awakening that shows me, that while I am a powerful manifester , I have been using way too much of my life force energy in birthing my creations. This is an old pattern for me; one I come by naturally from family or origin and cultural impressions and one that I am more than ready to be release into a higher octave.
So, I have turned my awareness and willingness to see the pattern more clearly than ever before and do what is necessary to let it go.
Within a very short period of time, I could feel the shift within my own being and my outer surroundings made the shift too.
Many new creations are in the pipeline here at Isis Cove/Dove Mountain and Venus Rising ready to be born. Next month as we are a little further along I will be making several announcements about several very exciting developments already in the works. Until then, watch for Neith’s magical teachings in the dreamtime and know that we all have access to this divine source of creation, it is as she said, “all inside of each one of us”!
With Love, Gratitude and Magic,
Star Wolf


Lady Portia said...

Thank You.

I also had a waking dream re Grandmother Spider on the last ne moon.

She showed me her coming down upon Mother Earth, and the whole planet turned dark, but I was not scared, as she showed how eas it was for her to sit and wait and pick up those corrupted ones in a moment.

I leave her be to do her work, but I am learning fast from all the animals, birds etc that I have met since my journey began in 2004.

Asifur Rahman said...

nice post

Linda Fairy said...

What a great story this is. In any case, I would want to deal with the spider bite accordingly if it were me. I would want to avoid the aftereffects, including chills, nausea, fever, and irritation. Find the best spider bite treatments here:

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