Monday, December 14, 2009

Shamanic Breathwork a Best-Seller on Amazon!

Dear Friends,
My new book, Shamanic Breathwork:  Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Self, about my life's work, is currently a best-seller in three categories on Amazon!  When a book becomes an Amazon best-seller, Amazon recommends it to customers interested in related topics, thus raising consciousness of Shamanic Breathwork for thousands of people.  Please help us keep Shamanic Breathwork's ratings up by purchasing a copy for yourself and one for a friend today and together we will continue healing ourselves and sharing our healing with others, one person at a time.
Here is a link to Amazon:
Thank you for your support
In love and service,
Linda Star Wolf

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Temples of Light by Danielle Rama Hoffman

Friends, I want to tell you about a wonderful new book, The Temples of Light, by my friend and soul sister, Danielle Rama Hoffman. The Temples of Light is being offered, along with $3000 in bonus gifts, beginning on December 8th at 12:01 am. I am offering a FREE teleconference, Opening to Isis and Her Healing Vision for the World" as my bonus gift in support of Danielle's book launch.  Click on the link below to order the book and read about the many bonus gifts available.

The Temples of Light guides the reader, as the initiate, on a spiritual journey through thirteen of Egypt’s sacred temples--a journey into the sanctuary of the open heart. Each sacred site is a portal to ancient wisdom that can assist the modern-day pilgrim with everyday life issues and struggles--love, purpose, money, and health--and the deeper questions of enlightenment and our divine origin.

I invite you to visit - and then click on the “order” link, order the book on Amazon and return to the promotional page. Enter your name and email address to reach the bonus page. The bonuses are not available until December 8th.

Danielle Rama Hoffman is a spiritual teacher, author, energy intuitive and ancient wisdom keeper. Her passion is to transmit innovative and ancient wisdoms that inspire personal growth and elevate consciousness. Her areas of expertise include moving into and living from the Aquarian age of the open heart, initiatory rites and passages from ancient Egypt and manifesting health, wealth and happiness.

Danielle is a conduit of infinite intelligence and divine transmissions that create a quantum field ofinfinite possibility. Since 1994 she has shared her expertise in the areas of metaphysics, the healing arts, energy medicine, massage therapy, counseling and the Egyptian Mysteries to assist 1000’s of people to enhance their quality of life. Danielle provides high vibrational wisdom and cutting edge practical tools that uplift consciousness and inspire you to lead your best life.

In loving service to the One Source,
Star Wolf

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sharing a SHIP ritual

Guest Contribution: Master Herbalist Lloyd Rojewski shares his final SHIP ritual.

Lloyd will be offering a lecture and workshop on Herbalism at The Center in Sylva and at Isis Cove on October 30 & 31.

Click HERE to read more about the workshop.

This is last ritual of our final SHIP meeting. This is the ritual that marks the moment that this SHIP, our SHIP is ended. After this, our SHIP shifts from active process to cherished memory. At this time, let us remember that the Wheel of the Year has turned from Summer to Fall. Virgo has given way to Libra, Sacred Vision yielding to Sacred Balance and Harmony, life walking in Beauty.

Nature begins Her preparation for Winter. Flowers pass to berries, fruit and seeds. The hope, the faith of the plants in their trust that those seeds so lovingly, so tenaciously produced by them will be cared for is absolute.

Roots grow deeper, griping the Earth tighter than before. The life force, that so vigorously expended itself producing branches, stems and leaves, now withdraws into roots and rhizomes, to abide until Spring. Chlorophyll is withdrawn from leaves, causing them first to change into all the brilliant colors of Nature’s palette, then are released to fall to Earth, beginning the transformation into Spring’s humus.

Fall flowers bloom and Fall fruit ripens. Animals begin the search for Winter shelter. Transitory birds begin the flight to southern climes. Chipmunks and squirrels, accidental tree farmers, furiously seek out nuts and seeds, stashing them away against Winter famine – then forgetting where they buried them. The Day Force of Spring continues to yield to the growing Night Force.

The Oak King prepares for his ritual combat with the Holly King. The Earth begins to cool. We would do well to pay attention to the instruction of Nature in this season of change. A different set of skills becomes necessary now. Let us not forget though, Fall is more than mere preparation for Winter, a between-time, but a season in its own right. We fortify the creations of Spring and Summer now.

Our attention is drawn inward and down, just as is the tree’s sap. Our very taste in food changes. The wind practices becoming fierce. Summer visions give way to Fall musings. We enjoy the remaining sunny days of Fall, interwoven with forays of cloud legions in the sky. These bright days become more and more precious to us.

Annuals furiously produce seeds and then die, making room for the next generation. Perennials stretch sleepy limbs to the weakening sun.

So, let us honor the inner quiet, the strengthening darkness that gathers within us. Let us cherish this precious, remaining time together before the frenzy of departure sweeps us away from each other for the last time. Our memories of SHIP become the memories of Winter past, bright Spring and now, Fall completion. Let us carry these memories into our Winter dreaming, dreaming the world forward. It has been an honor, a wonderful journey with each of you. I love you all.

Lloyd Rojewski

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Too much nervous energy

Guest Contributor, Alyson
Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Breathwork™ Apprentice
in response to a SHIPmate reaching out for support:

Change comes with pain, anxiety, and fear. We hold onto old ideas not because they are comfortable, but because they are familiar. Adopting a new idea is taking a leap of faith. Am I gonna be ok on the other side of this? The work we do in SHIP creates major change in all of us; sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but it will happen. One time I left SHIP, I felt alright, a little irritated, but that's normal. I got home. A week or so later I FLIPPED. I fell into my rage-aholism pretty bad. I was full of suspicion and fear. I basically regressed into an angry teenager. What I've learned about myself when I behave like that is that I am guarding myself, or so I think. I'm holding on to an old idea. I'm resistant to move, slamming on my spiritual brakes, try to make the change NOT happen. Well, guess what? The alchemy is in process the moment we make the contract to sit in our shamanic circle. Its good though. What you are doing right now may just be a bit of squeamishness as you go through a portal. Just breathe, my sister. Feel us with you and just breathe. Cry if you have to. Relax, let go and trust the process. You are loved, supported and held deep in the hearts of your SHIPmates, even when you are kicking and screaming a little bit. Speaking of kicking and screaming, you might find it super helpful to do a Shamanic Breathwork™ at this time. It may just get you on through the birth canal and into the moment of WHOOSH!
Loving you,

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Seek Ye First

"That which is impentrable to us really exists. Behind the secrets of nature remains something subtle, intangible, and inexplicable. Veneration for this force beyond anything that can comprehend is my religion" Albert Einstein

Miracles happen every day.........and this is my religion as well. Seek ye first the Kingdom or Queendom of God/Goddess and the rest will be added to our lives. This is how I have lived my life, this is how I have been able to do what I have done. This is how Venus Rising was created, how Shamanic Breathwork™ was created, how Isis Cove was created and how the next phase of all that I am called to do will be created. Sometimes it is not easy to take a leap of faith and see the bigger story that is trying to birth itself in our lives through the imaginal cells. I want you each to know that I believe in you and know you can break through skepticism and limitations.

Love and Blessings to all of you in your new Ka Bodies as you stretch beyond your present comfort zones. Remember to set the boundary with Sobek (the Old Masculine and the One Who Tries to Keep Us Safe) so that he cannot limit your view or steal your beautiful dreams.
Fly High and see the bigger story and what lies behind all of creation. May we all have the wisdom of the Great Grandmother Neith, the great Spider Goddess who creates over and over again from her spiritual essence and reminds us that what we truly need lives inside of each of us.

In Love and In Service to the One Source,
Star Wolf

Friday, October 16, 2009

24 October 2009 International Day of Climate Action

On October 24, join millions of people across the globe in the most widespread day of environmental action in history, attending over 2,000 simultaneous events in more than 170 countries. The international day of action is being organized by the young, grassroots campaign to urge world leaders to support a clear solution to the climate crisis: reducing the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million.

To read more about how you can participate by starting or joining an action near you, click on this link:

A Close Encounter with Isis

My Shamanic Breathwork™ Journey - A Close Encounter with Isis
by Linda Star Wolf
I found myself upon a precipice overlooking the four directions of the earth - the desert, the mountains, the oceans, the forest, the high plateaus and plains. No matter where I looked, I saw massive destruction of the land and everything upon it: the people, the animals, plant life, the earth itself. I looked down and seeing my lion paws I realized I was in my lioness form that I think of as the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet. I could feel Sekhmet's familiar power and strength within my own body and spirit but when I looked out upon the world through her great eyes, I suddenly felt very small, helpless and despaired. At first I allowed the rage to burst forth as I thrashed about and tried to stop the ravaging of the planet. I searched the rivers and streams endlessly trying to find just one fish to eat that didn't have mercury poisoning in it. I witnessed whole majestic mountaintops being dynamited and blasted apart for their coal and other minerals. I cried huge tears as the great trees were burned, or chopped down and the rest of the rain forest was clear-cut, leaving only desolation upon the land. The whole world was in utter chaos. Fear, apathy, bitterness and greed ran rampant in the hearts of all the people everywhere.

I felt myself losing control as I raged, frothing at the mouth, tearing things up as I whirled in pain and confusion. I fought, I roared, I slashed out wildly with my mighty claws. I ran in all directions trying to stop the killing, stop the destruction, and all to no avail. I felt so discouraged, as if my life and everything I had done on my spiritual path to avert the destruction of the planet and human kind had all been for naught. I fell to the ground in a hopeless slump and curled up weeping, silently preparing to just die.

At the moment when I finally felt that I had completely given up, realizing that all I had ever done or could do would never be enough to prevent or stop the suffering and insanity of this world, I felt myself being lifted up as tears ran down my lioness cheeks. Very slowly I noticed that I was being held in the arms of some great being or force and I was afraid. I could not imagine what could have the strength to hold me, my anger, my fear, my despair. When I found the courage and the willingness to raise my head, I found myself looking into the face of the most beautiful Goddess I have even seen.

To read about Star Wolf's encounter with Isis, please click HERE

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

South East Women's Herbal Conference 2009

Star Wolf teaching and preparing a wonderful group of women at the SEWHC in Black Mountain, NC for their Shamanic Breathwork™ Journey.

Thank you all for showing up as
Planetary Healers at this time.
We are the Ones we have been waiting for!
In loving Service to the One,
Star Wolf

Friday, October 9, 2009

Too much nervous energy

Guest Contribution from Laura Wolf
Shamanic Minister and Isis Cove Community Member

Dear One,
Thank you for reaching out to share your journey with us and asking for support. That is so important as we go through these changes. And thank you to all of your awesome SHIP Mates who have been sending out the love. Everyone's suggestions are helping me, too. I've been on quite a journey with my anxiety over the last couple of years. Before starting SHIP I never would have said I was an anxious person. I thought I had hypo-glycemia (self-diagnosed, of course) and whenever I felt racy inside and couldn't think straight I ate some protein and carbs until I felt better. My anxiety went through the roof a couple of years ago - just as I was completing my first SHIP, going through a break up, and getting ready to start Apprentice SHIP. I felt extremely anxious all day, every day and I couldn't control it with food anymore. No matter how healthy or how much I ate, the anxiety would not go away. I was really scared there was something seriously wrong with me. I went to the doc, got tested for everything, and they couldn't find anything wrong with my blood sugar, my thyroid, or anything else for that matter. I had to face the fact that I had been medicating my internal chaos with food for 15 years and it wasn't working anymore. The more conscious I become, the more painful my addictions become until I have to face and embrace them and start working a program around them so that I can get to the other side. Believe me, I have tried a million ways to eat, breathe, meditate, relax, and do yoga to calm my anxiety. All of those tools help me in a daily way to stay centered and healthy. When I don't take care of myself daily, I get anxious real fast. But I'll tell you what - once I've entered the anxiety zone there's only two things I've found that really work. The first one is to surrender. The sooner I say, "God/Goddess, I am powerless over my anxiety. I can't make it go away. I believe a power far greater than my little ego is living and working within me every moment and that that power can heal me. I need your help. I surrender. I turn my anxiety, my life, and my will over to you," - the sooner the relief comes. The other thing that really helps me is to FEEL whatever it is that I don't want to FEEL that is causing the anxiety in the first place - grief, sadness, fear, terror, anger, etc. A good cry does me a world of good and releases all of that pent up energy and frees me to be present again. The sooner I become willing to feel my feelings, the sooner I feel different, and usually much better.

This process of transformation can be pretty frightening to our egos. Our egos feel like we're going to die, which, of course, we are in a symbolic way - dying to what no longer serves us. So our egos do everything they can think of to get us to stop, turn back, don't change. Our souls, on the other hand, know that we are called to transform into a greater experience of our power, our passion, and our purpose. Thank you for reaching out and helping me remember to surrender and feel.

Love and blessings,

Laura Wolf

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Calling Planetary Workers"

Saturday, October 31, 2009: 10 am – 6 pm
Waitsfield, Vermont

Join us for a day of visioning and healing transformation as we dive deeply into the creative matrix that sustains and is behind all of creation. This is an opportunity for each of us to connect with and awaken our own Inner Shaman at a profound level that perhaps has never been accessed before. The power of the breathwork will activate our Shakti (Life Force Energy) and release blockages of energy while moving us to higher levels of consciousness and integrating aspects of our souls that have been fragmented due to stress, illness, heartbreak and/or trauma. None of us can take others to a place of healing that we have not surpassed ourselves. The time for inner work is upon all of us, no matter who we are or what we have learned thus far.

This is the time to finally move forward and do what we came to beautiful planet Earth to do. All the work that each of us does, to transform and spiritually evolve our consciousness, benefits not only us, but the whole world and beyond. As the Native Americans say, “For seven generations forward we do these acts of healing.”

Register by mailing a $50 deposit to: Venus Rising, PO Box 486, Sylva, NC 28779 or call 828-631-2305 with your credit card information. CEUS available for NAADAC professionals.

For more information and location details
call Anne Dillon locally at 802-496-3656 or email

To learn more about the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts and our other upcoming shamanic trainings and events visit:

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shamanic Soul Return

We have all lost access to parts of ourselves through trauma or neglect. This shows up as depression, difficulty in intimate relationships, difficulty in bringing our gifts to the world, and a sense of being apart from rather than a healthy sense of belonging. Frequently, parts of ourselves return spontaneously through the Shamanic™ Breathwork Process. Consciously learning to search for and retrieve lost soul parts for ourselves and others speeds up the path to wholeness. Join us for Soul Return II where we will go even deeper into creating wholeness in our own lives so we can pass the gifts of wholeness on to others.

This workshop is open to anyone who has experienced Shamanic Breathwork™ or those who are doing shamanic work.
Although this workshop is the second in a series it is also a stand-alone workshop.
Attendance at the first workshop is not required.

Flexible payment plans are available.

For our Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitators, this workshop fulfills our continuing education requirement and will count toward certification as a Master Practitioner. Those who either attended the first workshop in this series or who have done previous Soul Return workshops with Venus Rising will be eligible to be certified as Shamanic Soul Return Practitioners and will be featured on a special page on our web site.

Click HERE to read more about Soul Return II

To register, contact Venus Rising at 828-631-2305
or email:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Video - The Wounded Healer

I recently watched this amazing video about the contemporary understanding of the Wounded Healer, produced by Humanity Healing Foundation ( I hope you'll give yourself the gift of watching this beautiful video:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dear Friends,

I recently had an exchange at the soul level with the loved one of a friend who is struggling with cancer. I felt guided to share my experience with you as part of my ministry.

In meditation, I was able to break through the barriers to visit with this particular soul. I found her soul to be very large and peaceful. I spoke to her soul and it told me that it is trying to make a decision of whether to stay or go from this body. It told me that She has reached a level of attainment, overcome some obstacles and learned the original soul lessons she contracted to learn before she incarnated. If she wants to stay in form, she must reincarnate into this body with a new purpose and totally change her life. There is a deep connection with a brother (or someone who is like a brother to her) and something that needs to be cleared up there before she can stay rooted in this body. I did an extraction and a guide came to help eat the cancer around her spine and liver and brain. The guide was an alligator. It took a lot of the disease out of her body and energy field. I was told, however, that if she wants to live in form she must become the dove. That is when I saw two white doves representing her spirit and her life force energy of holy spirit flying above her, ready to take her across the veils peacefully or to fly back into her energy field and regenerate her Shakti. The doves were awaiting her soul's decision.

She is in a shamanic initiation and portal. There is no failure if she decides to leave; it is up to her higher self to decide even though her ego thinks it knows what is right. In my book on Shamanic Egyptian Mysteries, the first chapter on the initiation of the Doves and the fourth chapter on Khnum, the initiator of the Heart, will help her to either stay, or cross over peacefully with the doves. I encouraged her loved one to read these meditations to her.

I blessed her as I left her and thanked her for allowing me into her field. I sent her love and the peace of God/Goddess and told her that all is well and in divine perfection. She is totally safe in the arms of God and Isis is holding her close during this shamanic shift.

In Love and In Service to the Many Within the One,
Star Wolf

Monday, August 31, 2009

Enlightenment in the Integral Age

A Guest Contribution
by Isis Cove Community Memeber,
Gary Stamper.

I recently heard a story about indigenous spiritual leaders who refused to integrate modern methods into their marketing despite poor results, saying that the word would go out on the wings of spirit to the collective, that even if only one person showed up, they would be the right person, and that all the other seats would be filled with spirit.

I'm reminded of the story about a religious man who, caught on the roof of his house as the flood waters rose all around him, beseached God to rescue him. As two boats and a helicopter came by and asked if he needed help, he told each that he was fine, God would save him. Finally, as he clung to the chimney with water just below his mouth and still rising, he cried out, "God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Suddenly, a booming voice rang out from the heavens: "Whaddya want, I sent you 2 boats and a helicopter!"

While I honor traditional methods and beliefs, I also see that Spirit moves through us, and that we are the manifestation of Spirit. What we do in the name of Spirit, and in integrity, is Spirit in Action. I also see that we are evolving creatures. As we evolve, so does our deepening understanding of God and the Universe. We can only see where our current structure of consciousness enables us to see, not beyond, and our perspectives are limited by those structures.

In other words, that all states of consciousness, right up to awareness of the non-dual, are available to anyone at any level of consciousness, has been demonstrated throughout the ages. Shamans and Medicine Men and Women have always had ready access to those altered states of consciousness (ever-present, never-changing, the formless), but they can only be interpreted from an individual's stage, or structure, of consciousness (always changing, evolutionary). What it means to be enlightened in the Integral age is very different from what it meant a thousand years ago, as newer stages of consciousness had not emerged and simply weren't available.

Unless we become aware of ourselves as evolving spiritual creatures, we'll keep doing what we've been doing, and getting the results we've been getting. Yes, I agree that the talks go out through the oneness of everything, into the collective unconscious, but I'd prefer that it also goes into as much of the collective consciousness, as well.

Post-modernism must integrate the wisdom and altered state skills of the Shaman and the Medicine Man/Woman, and indigenous teachers must integrate post modern stage consciousness. Anything less is only partial enlightenment.

Gary Stamper is an ordained Shamanic Minister and Priest who lives in Isis Cove, Western North Carolina. He is an international award-winning designer, and facilitates men’s groups, the Shamanic Priest Process, Calling in the Beloved, and relationship workshops with his partner, Anyaa. He is also the founder and former leader of one the largest integral communities in the world and is writing and illustrating a book called “How To Live With A Goddess Without Singing Soprano.”

Reawakening in The Great Smoky Mountains in Western North Carolina Freelance Design and Illustration services
Beyond Integral - the blog
The Integral Warrior: Embodying the New Masculine
Discovering Your Sacred Purpose as a Couple
Calling in the Beloved: Manifesting the Love of your Life
Big Love: "the proof of your embodied realization is going to be in your relationships."

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Month of Nekhbet Mother Mut

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology a particular neteru from the Egyptian pantheon has stepped forward to claim an association with the signs and planets that form the symbolic basis of western astrology. The earth sign Virgo, August 22 - September 22, is associated with Nekbet Mother Mut.

Nekhbet Mother Mut is the grandmother of the shamanic Egyptian pantheon. Her origins lie in pre-dynastic times and she is associated with the crone aspect of the Great Goddess. Nekhbet was most often portrayed as a vulture. Her image adorns the entry to many of the temples in Egypt and she stands as the guardian of the mysteries. Nekhbet and Wadjet were known as the "Two Ladies" of ancient Egypt. Together they represented the unity of Upper and Lower Egypt and were considered to be protectors of the pharoah. Nekhbet Mother Mut is the Wisdom Keeper, the elder grandmother who loves us deeply and will not let us forget our higher calling. She is the guide to our Soul Purpose and she demands nothing less than our very best.

Highlights for the Month

The month of Nekhbet Mother Mut brings the third of four exact oppositions between Sobek (Saturn) and Wadjet (Uranus) on September 15. Sobek - the Old King - and Wadjet - the Great Awakener - have been in a powerful dance with one another for almost a year. Together they form a portal into a new level of planetary consciousness. The old way no longer serves us - the evidence of this fact is all around us. Wadjet has come forth to convince the Old King that it is time for new energy to be born upon our planet. Sobek is stubborn, he does not want to give up his power, but there is no choice. Wadjet, the cobra-headed goddess representing new life force energy, will not be denied. We stand now in the middle of this process. The passage through this portal is long and will not be complete until the spring of 2010.

Nekhbet is closely associated with Thoth, the symbol of illumination and inspired communion with the divine. Thoth is powerful during this month of Nekhbet and issues around communication will be at the forefront. It is important that we all pay attention to how we express ourselves this month. We may find that it is necessary to set boundaries with friends, family or associates. Strive to do so with conscious awareness - firmly, yet not with excessive anger.

The most powerful times of this month will be from August 25 through September 5, as Thoth (Mercury) and Set (Mars) move through a challenging square to one another. Thoth will be retrograde from September 7 through September 29, emphasizing issues around communication and providing an excellent opportunity to go within and explore our inner landscape. The exact opposition between Sobek and Wadjet, third in a series of four, will take place on September 15.

To add to the mix, Osiris, the Egyptian god of regeneration, death and rebirth turns direct on September 11, the eighth anniversary of the attacks on the United States.

Upcoming Events:

Monday, September 7: Free Phone Bridge - "Nekhbet - Hearing the Call to Our Soul Purpose" - 8 pm EDT.
Call 218-862-7200, Conference Code 869006. Long distance charges may apply.

Friday evening & Saturday, November 13 & 14 - "The Magic of Shamanic Egyptian Astrology" at Isis Cove, North Carolina. Join Ruby as we explore the Shamanic Egyptian Astrological archetypes within your own chart. Form a personal relationship with the Egyptian neteru who most wish to guide and inspire your life.

For more information and/or to register, contact Ruby at 828-586-1810 or email

Ruby is available for all types of readings: natal, relationship, transit, location, progressed and right timing of events. She is also available for talks and presentations. Contact her at 828-586-1810 or email

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Right Use of Shakti

Shakti is the kundalini and life force energy we all talk about. Addicts seem to have more than their fair share ha! However we can all do various things like breathing to cultivate it in our lives and also to find balance. Michael Jackson is a perfect example of someone who had an excess of this energy. Unfortunately, it appears that the energy overtook him (as it does many who touch into the archetypal realms) and it took him over the edge. Shaman’s have always been edge-dwellers, walkers between the worlds. It is only when they harness the energy with wisdom and sobriety that they are able to use it for their own healing and the healing and transformation of the world. I find that most people do not show up on the door steps of Venus Rising if they are not in touch with that energy. Most are looking for a way to bring that energy and passion back into their lives in healthy ways or discover the “right use of Shakti” in the world. Hence, we attract a lot of shamanic souls, people in recovery or people who need recovery, ha!
In love and service,
Star Wolf

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The New Earth

As far as the new earth, I think it is still in the works and a work-in-progress that depends on how much each of us is willing to shift internally. The way it all looks will depend upon humanity's internal shift, especially over the next few years. How can it change if we fearfully hang onto things the way they have been? The caterpillar is my teacher now: I'm trusting in the imaginal cells that are coming into form and waiting for the butterfly to emerge. The contraction and expansion are happening simultaneously as I let go, dissolve, evolve and expand in consciousness out of my egoic fears and restrictions and journey beyond the limits of the self.

In Love & Transformation
Star Wolf

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Addiction and the Wounded Healer

Dear Friends,
This is an email response I wrote recently about the connection between addiction and learning to harness and utilize our Shakti energy:

I don’t see the addict or the wounded healer as a negative at all. I believe that too much light and so called positive energy only can turn out to be just as negative as what some would originally call negative. The way to wholeness is "the Light, the Dark, No Difference." Both are needed to be truly creative and potent in our lives! The majority of addicts that I have known are very spiritual, sensitive and psyhic, without the tools to manage all that Shakti. They do not use to get high, they use to try to feel normal and to harness and calm down all that extra energy. The drinking and or drugs takes the edge off. I finally learned through my sobriety and spiritual path how to harness that energy and to surf the waves and currents of Shakti and Kundalini - AND I can still get off balance by running too much of that energy from time to time. I suggest "The Shaman’s Body" by Arnold Mindell. He talks a lot about this. It is one of the books I recommend in the SHIP process. Carl Jung has said, "there is such a thing as too much good which can turn into evil and there is such a thing as too much bad which can turn into righteousness."
Love and celebrating you,
Star Wolf
(SHIP is the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process - a carefully designed series of transformative workshops that carry individuals through powerful initiatory processes for removing the obstacles that block the soul’s purpose. As these blocks to higher love and wisdom are released and soulful integration occurs, individuals are set free to stand in the truth of their authentic being and walk a path with heart).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Shamanic Death and Rebirth

Dear Soul Journeyer,

I support you in reaching out and being vulnerable. It is our secrets that keep us isolated and sick. Depression, isolation and an over-attachment to the darkness can become as much as an addiction as any drug, substance, or process, including being in spiritual bypass, denying that anything is wrong and only seeing the light side of things. Wholeness is a wild and wooly combination of both the light and the dark. It is only when we judge either of those two states of consciousness (and the various shades and levels of intensity), that we become lost or stuck-in or stuck in-between those states of being. Nature keeps showing us how to change by example through the seasons, times of day and night, cycles of nature, etc. If we could all learn to how to apprentice to our elder brother and sisters in the natural world, perhaps the pain would be lessened, the joy more expanded, and gratitude would flow for ALL that we are learning in our few precious hours upon this earth. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed with the many email requests I receive filled with suffering and loss, I just stop for a few moments, breathe, and send out the love I am feeling in my heart for the world, offer gratitude for my life and for all that we are learning, say a prayer for others and myself, and like the wind, move onward. There is a bitter-sweetness to life and it is only when I seek wholeness and not to avoid anything in life that I fully embrace it, live it and am grateful for it.

I encourage you to get up and journal the wisdom that you are learning in the wee hours of the morning. There is no place to run except home and home is where the heart is.

In love and service,
Star Wolf

Adult Children of God

Dear Soul Travelers,
You are seeing the dawning of a new day, as you surface with the golden nuggets of wisdom gained from your underworld journey. Your wise words about shattering the old egoic structures as you simultaneously break through to the other side into the domain of spirit leaves me filled with hope that we are all finally beginning to “get it.” We are all beginning to sense what it feels like to “grow up” into the Adult Children of the Gods and take our role, play our parts in this grand cosmic play of consciousness. For me this is it! The old paradigm never worked for me anyway and just ended up with me lost in a vast array of addictions. Today, my survival depends on my ability to learn how to live in, breath in, and work in Shamanic Consciousness. Anything else is settling for less and I am not here to settle for anything. I first must over come my own “little inner child’s” fears and then step out as the A.C.O.G. that I am. What do I really have to lose? The bigger question is, “What do I stand to gain?” May we all be the change we wish to see in the world.

Love and blessings,
Star Wolf

Monday, June 22, 2009

Shakti Travels

Star Wolf responds to a fellow traveler:
Dear Soul Friend,

You know the Coyote is the holy trickster, the dancing devil, the shadowy one... But his medicine is very powerful when used to heal him self and the world. I honor the darkness in myself and others and know that it still has a purpose to serve. As long as I get to know it, befriend it and respect it, I can manage the energy rather than have my life made unmanageable by it. Life force energy is innocent and does not know the difference between good and evil. It only knows that it wants to flow, much like a river that is flowing. It seeks to keep moving and bringing life to itself and all those around it. We human beings get to choose to override our childhood fears and conditioning, to ‘grow up’ into the light of our divinity and make the choices the Gods would make ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’ We get to choose how we will open or close, how we will allow this powerful gift of life to unfold in our lives. If we are still giving the wounded inner child too much power instead of the mature adult that we are growing into, then that child will make childish decisions.

I applaud your growing up self in making the decision to leave the water world and get back into the dance of life. What a powerful metaphor: out of the water and into the fire! We get that chance over and over again to move back and forth on the spiral of life in between all of the elementals and learn their lessons. There is a time for each of the sacred Neters (elements), and there is a time to move on to the next one as the great wheel turns, turns, turns.

The Light the Dark No Difference,
Love Star Wolf

Shamanic Egyptian Astrology - June 21 - July 22

Contributed by special guest Ruby Falconer

In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology a particular neteru from the Egyptian pantheon has stepped forward to claim an association with the signs and planets that form the symbolic basis of western astrology. The water sign Cancer, June 21 – July 22, is associated with Nut and Geb, the Divine Parents of Shamanic Egypt.

In the beginning of the world Nut and Geb were locked in a passionate embrace. Their love was constant and they would not be separated from one another. Their father, Shu – the god of air – understood that nothing could be born upon the Earth as long as they were so tightly connected. He came between them and pushed them apart. Nut was pushed into the sky. Her slender body arches over the Earth, her toes and fingers touching the two horizons. Geb remained upon the Earth.

Nut is the great Sky Goddess of ancient Egypt. The stars of the Milky Way move through her body every night. Geb is the Green Man of the Earth. When we walk upon the surface of our planet we walk across the body of Geb. Together these two are the Divine Parents, creators and sustainers of all life. With great yearning, they reach toward each other – Sky touching Earth; Earth reaching toward Heaven. We are all held within the loving container of their embrace. It is only when we are able to fully internalize the unconditional love of our Divine Parents that we are able to manifest our Soul Purpose upon this Earth.

The astrological sign Cancer begins at the Summer Solstice – this year at 10:46 p.m., June 20, on the west coast and at 1:46 a.m., June 21, on the east coast of the United States. The Summer Solstice is the point at which the Sun – Amun-Ra in the Shamanic Egyptian Pantheon – is closest to the northern hemisphere. Amun-Ra’s light shines long and full upon Geb and the Green Man responds by bringing forth richness upon the Earth. The crops grow fully in the heat and light of the long days and the children of Nut and Geb flourish and prosper.

Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, co-created by Ruby Falconer and Linda Star Wolf, is a re-languaging of the ancient art of astrology. The Egyptian pantheon are the great great grandparents of the Greek and Roman deities who are the archetypal basis of traditional western astrology. Traditional astrological symbolism is born of cultures shattered by the imbalance between the masculine and feminine polarities. The Egyptian archetypes - the neteru as they are called - are based in an earlier time when the true power of both feminine and masculine were equally celebrated. The result is a language of wholeness that speaks to our soul's memory of a time before our wounding. Now more than ever, in this time of dynamic transformation and change, it is incredibly important for us to move out of our wounds and embrace our wholeness. Shamanic Egyptian Astrology supports us in this quest.

To learn more about this exciting approach to astrology, Ruby Falconer invites you to join her for two FREE phone bridges on July 7 and July 29. Ruby will also be presenting an "Introduction to Shamanic Astrology" talk on July 14 and a day long workshop on August 15. Ruby and Star Wolf’s book, Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: A Language of Wholeness, will be published by ITI / Bear & Co. in 2010. Star Wolf, Brad Collins and Ruby will be leading a trip to Egypt in February of 2010 and will use Shamanic Egyptian Astrology as one of the tools to explore the ancient temples and sacred sites. To learn more about the journey to Egypt, please click here.

Tuesday, July 7, 8 - 9 PM EST- FREE Phone Bridge: Introduction to Shamanic Egyptian Astrology.
Call in number - 218-862-7200, Conference Code: 869006. Long Distance charges apply.

Tuesday, July 14, 7:30 - 9 PM EST - Introduction to Shamanic Egyptian Astrology
at Isis Cove, Whittier, NC. $15.

Wed., July 29, 9 - 10 PM EST. - FREE Phone Bridge: Introduction to Shamanic Egyptian Astrology,
Call in number - 218-862-7200, Conference Code: 869006. Long Distance charges apply.

Saturday, August 15, 10 AM - 5 PM - A Day of Journeying with Shamanic Egyptian Astrology,
at Isis Cove in Whittier, NC - $65.

To register for any of these events, to subscribe to Ruby’s new Shamanic Egyptian Astrology email newsletter, or to schedule a reading with Ruby, please email her at

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Exciting Creations from Star Wolf, Venus Rising and Isis Cove!

Happy Beltane and May Day to One and All,

This time of year is luscious and joyful for all of Great Spirit’s creatures in the magical blue mountains of western North Carolina, be they the great standing tree people, the flowering and blooming ones, the flying ones, the swimming ones, four-leggeds, the crawlers, screechers, howlers, growlers and the two-legged human beings.

Everything is in joyful celebration of color and life force energy as the mountains turn into a hundred shades of green. In the mornings, the magnificent trees breathe out their moisture, creating wispy, white clouds that linger softly around the mountain tops before gradually drifting upward into the bluest of blue skies. When our grandsons, Aidan, Cian and Anthony come to visit they tell me, with impish smiles, that the mist comes from the dragon’s breath and that those giant sleeping lizards are still hiding in the forests and caves within these most ancient of mountains.

I feel the aliveness and magic this morning as I sit looking out at the Ancestor Mountains. The flowers and bird feeders outside our large windows are abuzz with the flurry of cheeky blue jays, regal cardinals, rose-breasted grosbeaks, gold finches, wrens, elusive indigo buntings, mountain bluebirds, peaceful mourning doves, ruby-throated hummingbirds and tons of bees joyfully going about their sacred purpose. Perhaps we too can be as joyful this season in our own renewal, discovery and fulfillment of what is ours to do upon this sacred Earth. Peaceful inner knowing and a deep sense of well being within my physical and spiritual self settles over me as I check in with my soul’s voice this morning. I am filled to the brim with great gratitude for the return of spring, the promise of creativity, and all the abundance in my life today.

Yesterday, May Day, I turned in my manuscript, Shamanic Breathwork: Journeying beyond the Limits of the Self, to my editor, who in turn will send it to the copyeditor. This book has taken over thirteen years to evolve through all the experiences of my life and the lives of all those with whom I’ve shared the Shamanic Breathwork journeys at Venus Rising. The combination of purpose, excitement and peace I feel from having completed this part of my journey is really beyond words. I want to invite those of you who feel that breathwork has supported you in making transformational shifts in your life, to join me in the launching of my book so that many others will also discover the healing power of Shamanic Breathwork in the near future. We will be sending out more information about how you can help launch the book later on this summer. Please let Ruby Falconer at know if you are willing to assist by sending out emails to your friends and associates and by posting on your Facebook, My Space, Twitter, blogs and other on-line communication sources when the book is ready for the bookstores.

Speaking of Ruby, she and I are co-creating a book called Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: A Language of Wholeness, which will also be published by Inner Traditions International. Our book is scheduled to be out early next year, hopefully just in time for our sacred journey to Egypt when we enter more fully into the Blue Star Mysteries with Anubis as our guide. During the journey to the sacred temples and sites we will be offering Shamanic Breathwork and Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, as well as working with the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt and the Anubis Oracle. As most of you know, Nicki Scully and I co-authored the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt and the Anubis Oracle books. Our 2010 trip to Egypt is sponsored by Nicki’s company, Shamanic Journeys, and promises to be incredibly magical and transformative for all who feel called to take this journey with us. If you are feeling the call to go with us to Egypt, now is the time to sign up by emailing Nicki’s office at If you need some divinatory help in making your decision, then be sure to go to and receive a free Anubis Oracle reading to offer you guidance and put your mind at ease.

This summer Brad and I will be making several road trips offering a variety of workshops which will always include Shamanic Breathwork™ as the foundation for our time together. We will be in the San Francisco Bay Area, May 30, sponsored by Sacred Flame, in Nashville, June 19 – 21, at an event sponsored by Spirit Recovery, and in Minneapolis, June 27 & 28. In late August and September we will be in Portland, OR, and Kansas City, so be sure to watch for information on these two events.

Here at Isis Cove, we will be offering an Advanced Training workshop, “Love, Sex and Boundaries”, June 5 – 12, presented primarily by Linda Star Wolf. If you are planning on attending this workshop, please contact us immediately to register and pay your deposit as we do expect this workshop to fill. Then September 11 – 18 we will offer the first workshop in what we consider to be our premiere program, the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process, fondly known by many as SHIP. It is definitely time to apply for SHIP now as we limit the number of participants for this incredibly healing process. Substance Abuse Counselors, Social Workers and some other professionals may receive CEUS for these workshop intensives.

Two other items of interest - a long-time dream of mine is coming to fruition this summer as Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts will launch the Venus Rising University during the summer solstice, June 21. Our University Board has been diligently working and preparing for this birth for the last year. We are almost ready for Venus, the energy of greater love and wisdom, to emerge in her newest form at Isis Cove. There is a catalogue in preparation and much more information to come explaining how you can acquire your B.A., M.A., Ph.D. as well as your Shamanic Minister’s ordination and other certification from VRU. If you have already completed programs at Venus Rising, such as SHIP, you may be eligible to receive a degree after completing some additional requirements.

The other item is the recent fourth annual Wise Wolf Women’s Council, and second annual Wise Wolf Men’s Council. The WWWC again had over 100 women attending and over 30 men attended the WWMC. Amazing ceremonies and rituals were offered and the visions that were received touched all who attended. The theme this year was “The New Earth” and it is our prayer that all that was offered blessed those who attended, their families, and communities, and will spread out around the planet, blessing Mother Gaia herself. This year was about becoming more “grounded with our visions” and creating foundations for even greater energies to come through our hopes, dreams, and visions into new expanded forms. Next year’s focus is on the “Fires of Creation and Transformation” and our Venus Rising Council of Wise Wolf Women have already begun working on creating the format that will support the fire rituals and celebrations for next year. Our Wise Wolf Councils will be held in May next year instead of April due to requests to meet when the weather is warmer. The new dates for WWWC and WWMC are May 13 – 16, 2010.

There are so many people to thank for all that we have been able to accomplish this past year with all of our creations and offerings from Venus Rising, so please forgive me if I fail to mention your name in this update but know we are tremendously grateful in our hearts. I must begin by thanking all of the staff at Venus Rising. You must be the most amazing staff on the planet and I love you BIG!

A special thank you to Judith, Amai, Charla, Anyaa, StarrFire, Bonnie, Ruby, Kathy, and Windraven for all your loving support and harmonious co-creations for this year’s Wise Wolf Women’s Council. Thank you to all the lovely wise wolf women who so freely gave of their time, talent and heart’s offerings to all of us.

Thank you to each of the Venus Rising University Board members (especially Marla) for bringing this baby to its imminent birth. We are almost ready!

Thank you to the most amazing editor on the face of this earth, Anne Dillon at ITI, for helping me craft my book on Shamanic Breathwork to share with a greater audience, and to my son Casey for your tireless support, feedback and energy in the early editing.

Thank you, Ruby, for finding a voice for Shamanic Egyptian Astrology and for our co-creation together, and for the million things you do each and every day to support me and Venus Rising. Thank you, Laura, for your stellar PR support with my books, blog, website, newsletter and as my assistant during WWWC - your light shines brightly! Thank you, StarrFire, for your heart and skill in keeping our newsletter flowing and for holding the sacred scrolls for WWWC. Thank you, Judy Red Hawk, for daring to believe and holding space for Transformation House (link), the birthing of the Shamanic Shakti Art Processes (SSAP) and envisioning a new community center in Dillsboro, all while moving through your own process of death and rebirth. Thank you, Lesley, for sharing the dream of the Community Center and also taking a lead in its co-creation. Thank you, Sara Claire and Terry, for following your hearts and holding the dream of the future with us for Dove Mountain. Thank you, Gary, for the beautiful Isis Cove Community and Retreat Center sign and Venus Rising Sanctuary mural and for joining our community with Anyaa. Thank you, Dennis, for your support in helping Brad with the Wise Wolf Men’s Council. Thank you, Karen, for helping keep Isis Cove Resident’s Association on track this year as our shamanic secretary. Sarah Jane, Kathy Sundance, and Windraven, you are the best shamanic support team and staff on all levels, both human and spiritual that a shamanic gal like me could ever hope to have - thank you from the bottom of my heart. Tirrell, thank you a hundred times over for being my “medicine woman”; my body is happy at a cellular level! To all my Blue Star Sisters, you know who you are, thank you for holding the grid wide open for me, for each other and for the new energies coming to Earth. Thank you Grandmother Twylah for your continued support from the “other side of the mountain” and to all the ones who have gone before. Thank you to my parents for “seeing me”, to my Dad for his daily prayers, and to my Mom for holding out for Oprah - ha!

Thank you to my beloved partner, Brad, who stands steadily by my side facing the world with the same heart while we co-create our visions for a brighter future for our grandchildren, those we love, and seven generations yet to come. And thank you to you, to all our faithful soul mates and kindred spirits, who continue to do breathwork in hopes of recreating yourselves and renewing your hearts and spirits, not only for yourselves but for the world. I bow to you in humble “namaste’” and offer gratitude.

In the Spirit of Gratitude, Creativity and Love,
Linda Star Wolf

Friday, April 24, 2009

Drumming up a Book Signing

I sent in the manuscript!!!!!!!!

Shamanic Breathwork:
Journeying Beyond the Limits of the Self

A phenomenal effort from a woman sincerely on her path serving as a way shower for others


Saturday, February 7, 2009

What Are We Waiting For? The Time For Change Is Now!

What are we waiting for? When I listen to my inner voice I hear these words, "The time to heal our lives and move forward in our consciousness is Always NOW! If we wait for a better time, it will never come. So many times the old programming from the past, you name it, our childhoods, or past lives, it doesn't matter, continues to hold us back from taking action and believing in our ability to change our lives and change the world. If we want to see a different reality than the one we are living in then it is an "inside job" and it takes some um-mph to take the first steps towards transforming our lives. That is why they call it a leap of faith!

We each have a personal responsibility to dig deeper into our psyches and make an inner shift and begin to truly "see" our place in the larger scheme of things. I have long said, " If we are not here by accident, we must be here ON PURPOSE"! I believe in rolling up our sleeves and doing both the inner work and the outer work at the same time. If we wait until we are totally whole and healed to enter into the world and be fruitful we may find that our lives will remain barren and the gifts we already possess will sit useless in the corner of our souls. 

Grandma Twylah my Wolfie Gramma, used to say any time I asked her what she was up to the following words, " I am kicking butt and frying bacon".  The point being, she was always out there doing the "work" , teaching, supporting, helping others and shape shifting the planetary consciousness. There is a time to do the work of the "I" and then  there is the time to do the work of the "Thy". In other words, we must begin by knowing who we really are and dismantling the old foundations, but it is important to remember while we are coming apart at the foundation of our old self that we must rebuild our lives and find a sacred purpose or all will be for naught. The taking apart is so that we can come back together in an even higher form than before. Real change is not about reformation, but transformation. 

Any crisis that we see in the world, no matter how horrible, is a sign that what ever we have been doing is no longer working. This applies to relationships we have with people, places or things. The awakening that happens when we realize that we are living in a non truth is meant to give us the courage to find our way through the portals of shamanic initiation. Initiation is a type of death and rebirth experience moving us to the next level of awareness that is beckoning us ever forward. "Death to caterpillar is birth to the butterfly". 

I am not advocating being fickle with  relationships or situations, but there is nothing particularly honorable about holding onto that which has outgrown  itself in our lives and has come to an end. Everyone and every event that happens in our life is sacred. We can really see this  if we  open up to the deeper understanding and bigger picture that is right behind our egos perception. Once we honor and integrate the lessons learned from our experiences it is time to share their lessons in meaningful ways with those who magically show up and need what we have to share. 

The spiral path of transformation will bring many things to us and then take them away, like the powerful waves of an ocean moving constantly back and forth upon the earth. I have learned to love who and  what I love passionately,  but not to hold on too tightly and maybe more importantly not to let what I love to prevent me from being who I am or doing what I feel called to do in the world. 

Our world is in chaos, perhaps it has always been so. However this is my time and yours to recognize, sort out and let go of that which is obstructing the larger view needed which is needed in order to take the quantum leap to our bigger selves. I am ready to do my part, how about you? Together we can move through the portals of change and celebrate the fruits of our labor with, as the Native American wisdom says, "All My Relations". Nietzsche said, "One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star". If you are sitting on the sidelines, would you like to dance? 

Dancing on the Spiral Path of Change,
Star Wolf 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Grandma Twylah Leaves us Her Legacy

Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, Wolf Clan Grandmother of the Seneca Tribe, teacher and mentor to Venus Rising founder and co-director, Star Wolf, passed into the other world on August 21, 2007 at 7:12 am EDT. Following is a letter from Star Wolf, written a few days after Grandma Twylah's passing about the magical events of that day, while Star Wolf was co-facilitating a Venus Rising 8-day healing and training intensive in Portland, OR.

Dear Soul Family and Friends of Venus Rising and the Isis Cove Community:

My heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with you and all those who know and love Grandma Twylah. As you might guess, Gram has visited me many times over the last few days and nights, filling me with many teachings while also activating my heart and soul with her humor, grace, dignity, love and wisdom.

She has brought me tears of grief and joy over and over again with her shining presence. Everyone here at Still Meadows Retreat Center has felt her presence and many have received messages from Gram. She came to some people through the Shamanic Breathwork ™ Process experienced on the morning of her passing and to others through dreams and visions.

I must share with you some of the magic that occurred on the morning of her passing. Around 4 am west coast time I awoke with a start and began to vibrate as if electricity was running through my body. I had the distinct feeling that someone or something was calling me to go outside and walk down a path in the forest to visit the two 900 year old Douglas Fir trees (one is a Grandmother and the other a Grandfather) here in this sacred forest. Over 70 acres of natural land, creek and forest have been preserved by the Emissaries of Light at the Still Meadows Retreat Center near the Clackamas River. As is known by my friends, I am not typically a morning person so I decided to wait until the rain slowed down and it became light enough for me to make my way into the woods without getting lost.

Around 6 am I began to walk to these trees that stand at least 70 feet tall while a gentle rain fell. I was overcome with a profound sadness that I could not explain. It was as if everything I had ever felt sad about came up to meet me on my walk to the trees; all the losses of my life were palpably present. I felt sadness about my aging mother and father and my father's failing health. I felt sadness that someday my beloved husband and I would be physically parted from each other by death. I felt sadness that I could not protect my son and my grandchildren from the pain and suffering of their trials and tribulations. Then I felt the grief of knowing that I am only one person doing what I can to stay awake and assist the people of the world to open their own hearts to deeper healing, wisdom and love, hoping that it is not too late to restore balance to our beloved planet. All of this was filling up my being as I walked to the great old ones who stand so nobly on this sacred land.

When I arrived at the trees, I first went to the one that had told me that she was the Grandmother of the forest and I wept deeply. As the tears streamed down my face, I felt myself being emptied of all the grief that had filled me as I had walked to the old ones. I cried until I felt not only empty but wholly cleansed. I then flashed on Grandmother Twylah and my own maternal Grandmother Callie, two of the most important and influential people of my life. I felt their loving presence guiding me. I then walked a few feet away to the other gentle giant who had made me aware that he was the Grandfather and partner to the Grandmother tree. I found myself saying aloud, "Please, Great Ones, help me to stand tall and strong with dignity, speaking my truth, living with integrity, sharing what I have learned and my gifts with the world in a good way. Help me to weather the storms of life as you have, and to grow upright reaching to the stars and putting down strong roots to both nourish my life and soul as well as the lives of those around me. Help me to keep my heart open, alive and awake, and to renew it over and over again, never becoming stagnant or dulled with my own complacency. Help me to not be overwhelmed with the negativity of what may be occurring in the world around me."

I felt an amazing vibration of renewed energy pouring through my heart center and knew I was being initiated and healed by these great beings in the woods and by the spirits that were present. I plucked two hairs from my head and offered one to each of the great trees and proceeded on my walk. I was guided out from the woods, across the field and past a huge stand of bushes filled with blackberries. I've never seen so many ripe, luscious berries, and I couldn't resist having breakfast right there in the field. I continued my walk, now moving deep into woods that looked much like a primeval forest. I would not have been surprised to see a brontosaurus munching on ferns and the moss that hung from the tall tree limbs. I slowly made my way down the side of a beautiful creek bank on old worn slippery steps. I was reminded of the creek behind the pasture and woods at Grandma Twylah's house on the Cattaraugus Reservation outside of Buffalo, N.Y.

Many years ago Gram sent me to the river to spend the day in search of healing stones. She gave me very specific instructions on how to find them and told me to bring them back for her inspection. She taught me to notice how many sides the stones had, told me what their numerology was, and how to listen to the message hidden deep inside their ancient bodies. She then told me to sit outside all night by a small fire circle that was partially hidden and encircled by dense trees. I sat with the stones, my elder teachers, under the moon and a night sky filled with more stars than I had ever seen. I listened to the stones as they gave me their wisdom teachings. I now found myself gathering healing stones in the manner that Gram had taught me so many years ago. I felt like a happy child gathering the stones and listening to those that called me, joyfully hopping barefoot in the creek.

Suddenly I had a sensation that I often have when something wants to download into my conscious awareness from another realm. I closed my eyes and stood still in the middle of the creek - for how long I don't know. It was then I saw a large wheel of light and a blue star. The blue star was pulsing and I heard a voice that instructed me to build a new type of healing / transformation wheel. I asked if it was a medicine wheel and was told "yes", but it was not to be called a medicine wheel. It was to be called the Blue Star Shamanic Wheel of Transformation." I was told it was representative of the Aquarian Shaman Energy that has been birthing onto the planet through Venus Rising and other organizations and individuals. It would serve as a guiding path to deeper healing and transformation and provide a map for the cycles of change to many people who would come to walk, meditate, pray, or do ceremony within the wheel. Once familiar with the wheel individuals can hold it in their awareness through imagination and receive the same effects.

I became very excited as I returned to my outer awareness and couldn't wait to get back to my husband Brad and share all that had happened on my unexpected early morning vision quest. I told him about my morning and he too became excited. We realized that we wanted to bring this message to our group that, synchronistically, happened to be here for our once-a-year training on the five cycles of change – "The Alchemy of Transformation." We asked for and were given permission for our group to build the first Blue Star Wheel here at Still Meadows.

I then returned to my room to prepare for the morning Shamanic Breathwork ™ Journey. I uncharacteristically decided to quickly call my home phone to see if there were any messages - something I usually do at the end of the day while traveling. There on the voice mail was an urgent message to call Grandma Twylah's son and daughter-in-law, Bob and Lee. My heart raced as I shakily called and learned of Gram's passing. While I spoke with Lee, it slowly dawned on me that it was Gram Twylah who had awakened me in the wee hours before dawn and called me to the elder trees and the elder stones in the creek. She always spoke so lovingly and respectfully of the trees, the stones, the creek beds and the animals. I realized the grief I had been feeling was deeply connected to her passing and the inner knowing that all things and beings must eventually pass from this reality into the Great Mystery. It was her voice that had come to me, along with the voices of the great trees, to reassure me and guide me back to my renewed vision and heart, and my commitment to the path I chose – or perhaps I should say chose me - so long ago.

It was her words that reminded me to live in trust, standing tall, and to have the courage to speak the words of truth and living wisdom learned from the cycles of change and from the sacred experiences of life. It was her voice that reminded me that there is a well worn spiral path from this reality to all other dimensions and from Mother Earth to the Great Star Nations. And it was her voice that spoke to me as I stood in the sacred waters of Richardson Creek among the ancient stone Grandmothers and Grandfathers. It was she who instructed me to create a wheel that would incorporate the best of the old ways with the new teachings that are emerging as we enter the age of the Aquarian Shaman.

Lee told me that a ceremony was to be held for Gram. It would happen while our group here would be doing a Shamanic Breathwork ™ Journey. I told her we would call in the energies here and that we would connect our ceremony for Grandma Twylah with theirs.

In circle I tearfully shared the news of Grandma Twylah's passing and my bitter sweet shamanic experiences of the morning. The group was profoundly touched and went into their breathwork journeys carrying with them the magic of all that had happened.

Much to my chagrin we could not, no matter how many times we tried, get our pre recorded music to play. We couldn't get any cd to play on the CD player, except one – "Sacred Spirit", the only Native American music cd that we had brought with us. Every time Brad hit "disc 1" on the cd player it would flip to "disc 4" and start to play "Sacred Spirit." We even took it out of the CD player and tried other cds in the disc 4 slot, but nothing else would play! Finally I looked at Brad and told him, "Nothing is going to work, except 'Sacred Spirit.' Gram is here. A few minutes ago we invited her spirit to join us for our breathwork and this is the music SHE WANTS US TO PLAY FOR HER!" Sure enough - as soon as Brad put "Sacred Spirit" back into slot number 4 it played just fine and so it is the cd we used for the entire session. Almost everyone in the group had Grandma Twylah visit them during their breathwork journey with some sort of message - some quite humorous I might add - all deeply meaningful.

Magic also happened back in North Carolina at Venus Rising and the Isis Cove Community. I had quickly called my son Casey to let him know of Gram's passing and asked him to let the folks there in our community know about the 2 pm EDT ceremony. Below is an the email I received later that day from Ruby Falconer, Isis Cove community member and Venus Rising colleague.

Hi -

I did get your message regarding Grandma Twylah's passing. Kathy, Windraven, Karen and I gathered on the deck at 2 pm to hold space for her. Just as we were gathering it started to thunder. We smudged, and then stood together, holding hands, and each of us gave thanks to her for the work she did while on this earth and for the gifts she gave to us. None of us had met her in person, but we all feel indebted to her for the teachings she's given us through you, through the Medicine Cards and the Sacred Path Cards and in so many ways. We thanked her sincerely from our hearts. We thanked her for the Wolf Clan, and I told her that we are the Aquarian Wolf Clan - that we are the ones who will carry her teachings into the new age and that we will not let her teachings die. We thanked her for Isis Cove and told her that we believed that Isis Cove exists because of her and the teachings she gave you. We thanked her for everything she's given to us through you. Kathy pointed out that we had chosen, without thinking about it, to gather on the deck, where the Wise Wolf Women had gathered. And then we gave her a really big wolf howl. And Star Wolf, it poured rain, and the skies cracked open in huge peals of thunder as though the Thunder Beings were welcoming her soul and acknowledging our prayers. It truly was amazing.

We felt your presence and everyone in Portland, and we felt the presence of other Wolf Clan members - many of whom we do not know in person - scattered all across this country and the world. And it poured rain.

Love, Ruby

Later on that day Casey called and told me about the miracle of the rain, which had not been predicted in western North Carolina. Our area has been experiencing a drought for many weeks. He was convinced that Gram Twylah had something to do with it. Casey said, "Mom, right at the time all the ceremonies were happening on both sides of the country for Gram, I went out to look up at the sun and send Grandma Twylah and you some energy. These huge clouds gathered. It thundered, the sky broke open and it poured rain like crazy. Then the clouds dispersed and the sun came back out almost as suddenly as it disappeared and it has been sunny ever since." In his words, "It was really amazing. "

Since then the emails and phone calls have been pouring into Venus Rising. The magic is still continuing here at Still Meadows Retreat Center where we are in deep process as we journey with the cycles of change and the Shamanic Breathwork ™ Process.

I must close now as I go to teach again this afternoon and I will speak about the wheel that is permeating my every thought and vision. Gram woke me up again early this morning - this time I recognized her immediately. She came to tell me more about the Blue Star Wheel and how she wants us to build it. She, as always, has very specific instructions as to how it is to be done.

I have always felt a strong heart connection with Gram, but now it is as if we have gone from dial up to wireless! Yes, I feel the deep sadness of her passing from this physical plane. I simultaneously feel a deepening of her love and wisdom in my heart that I know will continue to grow. Grandma Twylah and her vision, her spirit, her teachings and her magic is alive and well in the hearts of all those who love her. Those of us she called her "wolfies", her family members, students, friends and Wolf Clan Soul Family members who were fortunate enough to have heard her coyote laughter and see the twinkle of her eyes can say we truly have been blessed.

For now I must go and teach and I know Grandma is close by whispering in my ear and I will tell the group some of her favorite words. Don't forget to trust ... Remember Trust has an "us" in it … We weren't meant to do it alone ... So All For One - One For All!

In loving Memory of Grandmother Twylah.

Your Grateful Granddaughter,
Star Wolf

Message from Grandmother Spider (Neith)

“I open to the divine flow of the universe and receive all that comes to me with ease, grace and gratitude. “ This has been my own very special spirit mantra over the course of the last couple of months, one that I have repeated many times each day and has created many amazing changes in my life, relationships, community and work. It came to me as a result of doing some deep spiritual release work and also a surprise visit from an 8 legged friend in the middle of the night. I am aware it was also divine timing that allowed these powerful words to embed themselves into my heart, mind and soul “ there is no such thing as time and… timing is everything”.
I have known for a long time that I am one heck of a manifester and that anything I put my mind to and work diligently towards I can create. I fearlessly and courageously tackle whatever calls to me from my inner voice, with a “Yes, I/We Can” attitude that would even impress Obama.
The place in consciousness that I have not been fully aware of, is the place of creating from Source! Don’t misunderstand me, I always seek my higher power’s will for what ever I bring into manifestation, but I often forget to allow the flow of the universe take charge. My modus operandi, is to get the download from spirit and then take charge and make it happen, which was all good and fine when I was a younger soul, of 30, 40 and heck even 50. However as I approached my 56th birthday, I found I needed to reconsider some of my assumptions and attitudes about how things need to get done and seeker a gentler way.
Right after the Wise Wolf Women’s Council, in April of last year, I realized I had a serious spider bite, and became quite ill with a high fever, nausea, chills, and a large red welt about the size of a grapefruit in the shape of an odd shaped heart on my inner left thigh. It was encircled and outlined with a thin white line, which the Internet said often indicated a black widow spider bite. Interestingly enough I had a dream the night before I discovered the bite about a beautiful spider with bright black shiny eyes, who told me that in Ancient Egypt she was called Neith and that she was the original creator, the One Source of the universe. She explained to me that everything in creation came from within her magical body and she birthed creation with almost no effort. She opened her womb and out poured this magnificent web of creation, which she spun into a cohesive web and then promptly laid back in her web as if it were a big cosmic hammock in the sky and dreamed what ever she desired, would soon enter into her web. She showed me how she easily captured her food and thumped off any offending or undesirable materials, such as bad tasting bugs from her web with a flick of one of her legs and how the rain would form droplets that ran like a gentle river along the strands of her masterfully built web into her open and thirsty spider mouth. If the weather became too tumultuous, she simply pulled the strands back into her belly and sauntered off to a safer bush or cave and rolled out her beautiful web of plenty once again. I must say Neith was a real inspiration to me and although she was somewhat of an intimidating presence at first in my dream I was certainly drawn to her wisdom teachings and very grateful and honored that she chose me to share them with.
So you can imagine my surprise to find that I had most likely been bitten the very night she had entered into my dream. Neith’s message hit or should I say bit me hard and I have been paying attention to her wisdom ever since her visit. Since that time, I have had an awakening that shows me, that while I am a powerful manifester , I have been using way too much of my life force energy in birthing my creations. This is an old pattern for me; one I come by naturally from family or origin and cultural impressions and one that I am more than ready to be release into a higher octave.
So, I have turned my awareness and willingness to see the pattern more clearly than ever before and do what is necessary to let it go.
Within a very short period of time, I could feel the shift within my own being and my outer surroundings made the shift too.
Many new creations are in the pipeline here at Isis Cove/Dove Mountain and Venus Rising ready to be born. Next month as we are a little further along I will be making several announcements about several very exciting developments already in the works. Until then, watch for Neith’s magical teachings in the dreamtime and know that we all have access to this divine source of creation, it is as she said, “all inside of each one of us”!
With Love, Gratitude and Magic,
Star Wolf

Monday, February 2, 2009

Isis Cove Community

Venus Rising founders and directors, Star Wolf and Brad Collins, founded the Isis Cove community in 2003. Their long held vision of spiritual community has manifested in these magical mountains. Isis Cove is both an intentional community and the home of the Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts.

Isis Cove sits on 23 acres of unspoiled land in the beautiful blue mountains of western North Carolina. This land once belonged to the Cherokee, and is blessed by the spirits of the native people who lived here. The land is graced by a creek and a pond full of fish. Many animals make their home here, including foxes, opossums, raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, lizards, snakes, turtles, hawks, owls, wild turkeys, crows, woodpeckers, turkey vultures and a variety of songbirds. Bear tracks have been seen high up on the mountain and we sometimes hear coyotes howling and the cry of a bobcat.

Currently thirteen people live at Isis Cove full time. Several others have purchased lots; some will be living here part time while others plan on moving to the community at some time in the future. Several other members of our soul family live on land surrounding Isis Cove. Some people, finding themselves in transition, have come to live at or near the Cove for a period of time. Community life shared with like-minded individuals is part of the benefit of living at Isis Cove.

The Isis Cove Retreat Center hosts many workshops and retreats sponsored by Venus Rising, including S.H.I.P., the Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process, Soul Return, Shakti and the Shaman, Egyptian Mystery School Teachings, the Shamanic Priest Process, created by Venus Rising co-director, Bradford Collins, and Shamanic Egyptian Astrology, co-created by Venus Rising Staff Astrologer and Student Supervisor, Ruby Falconer, along with Star Wolf. Venus Rising is in the planning stages of creating Blue Star University - stay posted for more information. The Isis Cove Retreat Center also hosts many workshops offered by our soul friends, including the Shamanic Priestess Process, created by community member Anyaa McAndrew, and The Imagination Process, founded by Wendyne Limber.

The Isis Retreat House is a quaint and comfortable four bedroom house with three full bathrooms, a large kitchen, a sun room, a hot tub and an inviting front porch perfect for relaxing on warm summer nights. Near to the house and under the pine trees is an 800 square foot deck perfect for exercise and/or meditation. The Art Temple is open to all who visit the Cove and provides a comfortable and quiet space for personal time. There are areas for walking, enjoyable nature spots and inviting outside spaces for meditation and quiet contemplation.

Most Venus Rising workshops are held in the Sanctuary, a beautifully appointed free-standing building that is a comfortable and secure space for soul journeyers to explore their inner landscape. The Sanctuary is the spiritual home of Venus Rising and the location for most of our rituals and ceremonies.

Isis Cove is a special place. The land is alive and the spirits are active. The vortexes are strong and the air is rich with magic. The Cove spins a cocoon of safety and comfort whereby all who visit may sink into their hearts and open to the call of their soul.

The Sanctuary and the Isis Cove Retreat House are available for workshops and retreats. Call 828-631-2305 for more information, or visit:

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Linda Star Wolf

Linda Star Wolf is first and foremost a shamanic free spirit, dedicated to living and teaching shamanic consciousness in every day life. Star Wolf has spent her life walking the path of direct experience and staying open to her own inner healer and the dynamic spiral path of ever-renewing transformation. Her rich and colorful life has been blessed by numerous mystical and magical synchronicities and spiritual teachings. These shamanic transmissions continue to unfold and inspire her as she passionately shares with others. She has been gifted since birth with the eyes to see and the ears to hear the messages from the unseen worlds. Her life thus far has been spent learning how to embody these shamanic gifts so as to heal her own life and support others to do the same. Many years ago, Star Wolf heard these words, “the purpose of the magic wand that is being handed to you is to cast a spell of hope upon the world.” These words continue to inspire her life and her planetary work on a daily basis.

Star Wolf has been a shamanic-psycho-spiritual midwife and guiding light in thousands of people’s lives for more than 25 years. She has facilitated healing and transformational journeys in a wide variety of arenas, including hundreds of workshops across the US and abroad. She has worked with mental health centers, addiction treatment facilities, women’s circles, a variety of breathwork groups and in Shamanic Minister trainings. She is a nationally certified Addictions Counselor, a Shamanic Minister, a Shamanic Breathwork ™ Reiki Master and also holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Shamanic-Psycho-Spiritual Studies. Star Wolf has written numerous articles and appeared on a wide variety of radio talk shows.

Star Wolf is the creator of the Shamanic Breathwork Process ™, a highly transformative shamanic-pyscho-spiritual tool which integrates ancient wisdom and shamanic methods with dynamic processing techniques and a cutting-edge consciousness to assist people in awakening their own inner shamanic spirit. With her husband, Brad Collins, Star Wolf is the founder and Co-Director of Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, a 501 c (3) non-profit spiritual organization dedicated to bringing this unique work into the world. Venus Rising’s commitment is to shape-shift old outworn paradigms into the new shamanic consciousness currently emerging upon our planet.

Star Wolf received her name from her adopted Seneca Wolf Clan Grandmother Twylah Nitsch, who passed at the ripe old age of 94 on August 21, 2007. On this day Star Wolf received a special gift from her beloved teacher as she passed from this earthly plane. She was awakened at 4:00 am by a voice that began to transmit the energies of the Blue Star Mysteries, a transmission which continues to the present time. The Blue Star Mysteries are a powerful guiding force for Star Wolf, reminding her of her true lineage. The Blue Star energy has been weaving its magic through her life for as long as she can remember.

In 2003 Star Wolf and Brad moved from Fairfax, CA, outside of the Bay Area, to the magical blue mountains of western North Carolina, an hour west of Asheville. Together they co-created the Isis Cove Community and Retreat Center, a group of kindred spirits, shamanic in nature, who enjoy living and creating in community. Brad and Star Wolf and their Aquarian Shamanic soul friends continue to imagine and dream into “being” a better world for the next seven generations, and beyond, by awakening their own inner Shaman and sharing their experience, strength and hope with those they serve.

Her book, "Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt: Awakening the Healing Power of the Heart", co-authored with Nicki Scully, was published by Inner Traditions in May, 2007. Star Wolf channeled and co-wrote, also with Nicki Scully, an oracle deck and companion book, "The Anubis Oracle: A Journey into the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt", published by Inner Traditions in September, 2008. She is currently working on a new book about the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process and is co-authoring, with Ruby Falconer, a book on Shamanic Egyptian Astrology. Both books will be released late in 2009.

To learn more about Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts, The Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, The Shamanic Ministers’ Global Network, Wise Wolf Councils, Shamanic Egyptian Mysteries, the upcoming Blue Star University, S.H.I.P. (Shamanic Healing Initiatory Process) and many other life-changing shamanic programs, workshops and retreats, please visit: For a free on-line reading from The Anubis Oracle, visit:

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Star Wolf's Welcome

My journey in life has been a spiral path of wholeness that continues to move through cycles of change taking me through many symbolic death and rebirth experiences, which I refer to as “shamanic portals of transformation.” I have learned more than I ever thought possible through a process I will share with you in my future writings, called the Shamanic Breathwork™ process, and the five initiations process called S.H.I.P. Once I have made sense of the lessons on my path and discovered the bigger picture, I am ready to pass on and share both my stumblings and my leaps along the way. In my own spiritual quest, I have always appreciated most those who shared their struggles and victories in an authentic way. That will be my humble attempt within the context of this blog.

I believe that we are all indigenous to this earth. I respect all my relations, whether they be human, animal, plant, mineral, visible or invisible ones. We are all related by the great web of life and sent here from the great beyond. Everything we say and do touches all parts of this magnificent web of creation. If I treat myself or anyone else unfairly, we are all affected in some way. Fortunately, the converse is true, as well. I am not perfect. If I am honest and have humility, I can admit that I will make mistakes as I seek to further evolve my conscious awareness. I can also make living amends by striving to change my negative thoughts and behaviors, and live from a more open-hearted connection to others and to myself. I have learned over time that all the changes I seek in the outer world must begin by looking within myself first. I have also learned that it is imperative that I have the courage to be honest with myself and to look at the “shadow” side of my personality. When I have had the courage to truly know myself better, the light and the dark, I have found the inner strength to change my life and shape-shift myself into the light of my true soul’s image.

From time to time I will share different programs and events that are being offered through my non profit organization (Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts) in my blog, as well as photos, videos and teachings, etc. But the main purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet to share the inner musings of my shamanic spirit and journey, and to hear yours as well. I look forward to connecting with all of you who intuitively know that you, too, are a valuable part of the shamanic process of conscious co-creation and evolution on the planet at this time. We each have a role to play and a soul purpose in the drama unfolding in our world today. Together we can create a better place for all beings on earth to live and leave a powerful legacy for those who are yet to come.

I believe we will all be remembered by future generations for the choices we make during this time of huge evolutionary change. In the words of the wonderful poem, “Summer Day,” by Mary Oliver, “what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

In Love, In Service, In Gratitude,
Star Wolf
Feb 2nd 2009